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The Minnesota Polka Project documents the polka music traditions of German-American, Czech-American, Slovenian-American, and Polish-American ethnic groups throughout Minnesota. Sixteen bands and 21 of the bands' musicians were documented, resulting in a 44-minute anthology of Minnesota polka recordings and an accompanying 20-page booklet in 1990. Available materials include recorded interviews with band leaders and members, color slides of musicians and performance venues, and artist files containing correspondence, tape logs, electronic versions of the tape logs, and news clippings. The project was co-sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota State Arts Board and was also known as the Minnesota Polka Oral History Project.
University of Texas at San Antonio
Disc 1 (Feb 19, disc 1). Quintet for brass, op. 73 (1961) / Sir Malcolm Arnold -- Your acquaintance (2002) / Jack W. Stamps -- Su ba do be (1992-94). Subadobe 1 (for trombone only) / Fredrik Högberg -- Symphony for organ (1986). mvts. 3 & 4 (with percussion) / William Albright -- Disc 2 (Feb. 19, disc 2). Su ba do be (1992-94). Subadobe 2 If you were mine ... (for trombone only) -- Sonata for viola and piano (1984) / Lowell Liebermann -- -- Su ba do be (1992-94). Subadobe 3 (for trombone only) ; Subadobe 4 (for trombone hardly) ; Subadobe 5 (for trombone unruly and backstage trombone) / Fredrik Högberg -- Voices: in memoriam, for piano and computer (2002) / James Mobberley
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Excerpts performed from the following: Symphonie funebre et triomphale, op. 15 / Hector Berlioz -- Fantasia di concerto (Sounds from the Riviera) / Ed. Boccalari -- Lassus trombone / Henry Fillmore -- Divertimento / Theodore Frazeur -- Second suite for military band in F major ; The hymn of Jesus ; The planets / Gustav Holst -- Fantasia ; Concerto for trombone / Gordon Jacob -- Concertino no. 1 in B♭ major, op. 7 / Julius Klengel-Leonard Falcone -- "Bydlo" from Pictures at an exhibition / Modeste Mussorgsky, Maurice Ravel -- Bolero / Maurice Ravel -- Pulcinella / Igor Stravinsky
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The collection consists of published and unpublished works of Yiddish and Hebrew, art, popular, and theater music, Holocaust songs, liturgical and Hasidic music, and instrumental compositions. The collection is divided into the following series: *Sheet Music*. 1897-1969. Published popular, art and theater music, mainly of the United States. Composers and arrangers include Joseph Brody, Abraham Ellstein, Louis Friedsell, Abraham Goldfaden, Solomon Golub, Pinchas Jassinowski, H.A. Russotto, Peretz Sandler, Sholom Secunda, Solomon Shmulewitz-Small, Herman Wohl. *Choral Music*. 1909-1973. Yiddish and Hebrew folk and art songs, classical compositions. Composers and arrangers include Samuel Alman, Abraham Wolf Binder, Samuel Bugatch, Julius Chajes, Harry Coopersmith, Abraham Ellstein, Charles Davidson, Maurice Goldman, Vladimir Heifetz, Max Helfman, Pinchas Jassinowski, Mark Lavry, Henry Lefkowitch, Boris Levenson, Leo Low, Meyer Posner, Jacob Schaefer, Ephraim Shkliar, Lazar Weiner, Zavel ... Read More
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Concert for trombone, held at the Adelaide Town Hall Monday 12 September; presented by Christian Lindberg and the Australian Chamber Orchestra; sponsored by Playing Australia
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Photograph caption dated February 17, 1954 reads "Everybody gets in the act. Spirit of new idea in local orchestras is so catching that even directors of North Hollywood Park try their skill. Drummer Pat Delaney seems a bit overcome by tonal efforts of Joun Houk, trombone, and Merle Pearce, trumpet. 'We work with kids all the time and love it, ' Pat says, 'but adults want recreation, too--and this is one way of getting it. They have a swell time--and so do we.'"
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