Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
This is a color photocopy of a photograph of Congresswoman Giffords standing between Dr. Darlene Ray and Dr. Jonathan Lee-Melth, pediatricians at the Chircahua Community Health Center. This photograph was among the tribute materials placed outside Congresswoman Giffords' office
Cornell University - Weill Cornell Medical College Archives
Articles and reprints concerning premature infants; files and reports on the 1st through 5th Premature Infants Institute for the training of pediatricians. Also, glass slides
Alabama Department of Archives and History
These administrative files document the policies and activities of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and its predecessor organizational units. The records include correspondence of the division and bureau directors with county field workers and other state officials; internal memoranda; pay vouchers; applications for positions in the public health field including psychiatrists, obstetricians, pediatricians, and nutritionists; nurses' progress reports of monthly activities and cases; and reports on project costs for WPA health projects
Syracuse University - Special Collections Research Center and University Archives
Videorecordings, audiorecordings, slides, photos, and assorted other material relating to "Choices for Children and Families: A Symposium Honoring Benjamin Spock" held at Syracuse University
Oregon State University Libraries - Special Collections and Archives Research Center
The William C. Bryant Collection consists of publications, ephemera, and photographs assembled by Bryant during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) in 1902 to 1905. The publications include two OAC New Friends notebooks with autographs of fellow students; a college bulletin for 1902-1903 with annotations by Bryant for his brother; a 1904-1905 student handbook and calender with notations; and a pamphlet on cadet regulations from the Oregon National Guard. The ephemera include a broadside with the words for football game yells and songs, a photocopy of a sign requesting information on vandalism to a campus building in 1902, and a letter from Professor John B. Horner to George Pope, of Woodburn, referring to Bryant. The collection includes five mounted photographic prints of fellow students or individuals affiliated with Cauthorn Hall dated 1904-1905. Two of the images are portrait photographs of waitresses at Cauthorn Hall (P140:1 and P140:5) made by W.S. Gardner. One ... Read More
Oregon State University Libraries - Special Collections and Archives Research Center
The Willetta Moore Photograph Album consists of images assembled by Moore during her student years at Oregon Agricultural College in 1913-1916. The album includes snapshots and several photographic postcards; a few of the images have captions and dates. The images reflect her social activities with other students and include many interior views of Waldo Hall, where she resided, and campus views from Waldo Hall. Of special note are images of outdoor pageants and processions; outings, cookouts, and picnics, including an excursion to Newport; canoeing; Junior Flunk Day; women playing tennis; a July Fourth parade float; and graduates at commencement activities. The album includes many images of women students, including one of a group of women wearing bandages on their upper arms apparently after receiving vaccinations with the caption "preparedness". This collection also includes a book co-authored by Moore, Food Purchasing for the Home by Ruetta Day Blinks (Iowa State College) and Moore ... Read More
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Includes the survivor testimonies of Ernst Hacker, Lory Glaubach, Alice Tauscher Morawetz, and William Nagel, all natives of Austria. The testimonies were written by the aforementioned survivors at the American Gathering for Holocaust Survivors in Apr 1983. The testimonies describe the plight of Austrian Jews before World War II; life in concentration camps; liberation; and emigration
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of photocopies of photographs taken during Apr and May of 1945 of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp shortly after liberation by the 2nd British Army. Included are photos of camp survivors, burial of dead prisoners by the SS guards of the camp, the burning of several barracks by the British, and several groups of women in the camp
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of records relating to various activities of the Reichsministerium des Innern during the Holocaust. Contains information about sterilization, abortion, racial purity, mental illness, experiments on criminals, sexual deviance, and care for wounded German civilians and wounded military personnel
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of the Nov 1944 report of the War Refugee Board, which contains the testimony of two Slovak Jews and a non-Jewish Polish soldier. The report involves eyewitness testimony of conditions in Auschwitz and other concentration camps during their years of operation. Among the topics discussed are methods of killing, succession of identification numbers, and transports from various ghettos and Nazi camps