Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
This is a color photocopy of a photograph of Congresswoman Giffords standing between Dr. Darlene Ray and Dr. Jonathan Lee-Melth, pediatricians at the Chircahua Community Health Center. This photograph was among the tribute materials placed outside Congresswoman Giffords' office
Cornell University - Weill Cornell Medical College Archives
Articles and reprints concerning premature infants; files and reports on the 1st through 5th Premature Infants Institute for the training of pediatricians. Also, glass slides
Alabama Department of Archives and History
These administrative files document the policies and activities of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and its predecessor organizational units. The records include correspondence of the division and bureau directors with county field workers and other state officials; internal memoranda; pay vouchers; applications for positions in the public health field including psychiatrists, obstetricians, pediatricians, and nutritionists; nurses' progress reports of monthly activities and cases; and reports on project costs for WPA health projects
Syracuse University - Special Collections Research Center and University Archives
Videorecordings, audiorecordings, slides, photos, and assorted other material relating to "Choices for Children and Families: A Symposium Honoring Benjamin Spock" held at Syracuse University
State Library of Western Australia
Young women undergoing a fortnight's training at a womens army camp at the W.A.C.A. grounds. -- 221420PD: Girls exercising on WACA oval. -- 221421PD: Marching on WACA oval. -- 221422PD: Girls playing tunnel ball. -- 221423PD: Girls exercising, with WACA buildings in background. -- 221424PD: Group photograph in front of Farley Stand
State Library of Western Australia
State Library of Western Australia