With a new report to talk about and more, ArchiveGrid shined at SAA

At SAA New Orleans this year, a new report, “Social Media and Archives: A Survey of Archive Users” by the ArchiveGrid team was handed out at the ArchiveGrid exhibit booth (Bruce Washburn and Merrilee Proffitt in our booth this year are shown below). 

The paper is the result of a survey we did last year about archives and special collections users and what we learned about the role of social media in archival research. Our booth was also the place for visitors to pick up two other recent OCLC Research reports: “Tiers for Fears: Sensible, Streamlined Sharing of Special Collections” by Dennis Massie, and “You’ve Got to Walk Before You Can Run: First Steps for Managing Born-Digital Content Received on Physical Media” by Ricky Erway.

SAA was also a chance for ArchiveGrid to get promoted in other ways. While on a panel in a session called “Archives Without Walls: The Value of Networks, Consortia, and Aggregations,” Bruce Washburn spoke about the past and future of ArchiveGrid, and present work sustaining it as a valuable OCLC Research aggregation and recognizing its important role for contributors.

Even though SAA 2013 was our third SAA promoting ArchiveGrid, we still returned to our workplaces a week ago today with potential contributors to follow up with and new ideas about ways to improve ArchiveGrid to discuss and brainstorm. More to come about all of that and more. Stay tuned!

(Note: Also in the mix of recent ArchiveGrid-related promotions is our May 23 webinar, “ArchiveGrid and Related Work,” which, is now available online.)