The 21st packs March birthday madness

It’s fun to learn who shares your birthday. Here is a list of historical figures who share my birthday today and have related collections in ArchiveGrid:

Image of Johann Sebastian Bach courtesy of Wikimedia. Stanford University houses an engraving of Bach.
  • Another musical legend born today was Florenz Ziegfeld, who wrote the musical Show Boat and was behind the Ziegfeld Follies and Broadway revues. He died in July of 1932 at age 65. University of Texas has a Ziegfeld collection, and materials relating to a his life when he was married to stage performer Billie Burke is at New York Public Library.
  • Forty-six microfilm reels at University of Texas contain the papers of Benito Juarez, Mexican national hero and president, who lived from 1806 until July of 1872 when he died at age 66.
  • A fellow native Oregonian, Phyllis McGinley was a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, writer and author of juvenile books. Syracuse University has an extensive collection of her papers. In 1906, exactly one year after McGinley was born, John D. Rockefeller III was born in New York City, where McGinley would later live. They both died in 1978, both at age 72. She died in February and he died in July. The Rockefeller Archive Center has the family’s archive.
  • Arthur Honegger was a 20th century Swiss composer whose works include a piece named for his country’s patron saint Nicholas of Flue, who lived five centuries earlier and died on his March 21 birthday in 1487 at age 70. University of British Columbia’s archives has a recording of the piece.
  • A collection at New York Public Library of Lola Maverick Lloyd, an international activist for women’s rights, includes materials having to do with Alice Henry, who was born today and died on Valentine’s Day in 1943 at age 85. She was an Australian journalist and promoted women’s suffrage and social reform.
  • In 1960, an oral history was made at of Maurice Farman, a French aircraft designer and manufacturer who lived from 1877 to February of 1964. He was 86. Columbia University houses the transcript.

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