A change in the ranks of the ArchiveGrid team

At the end of September, the Small but Mighty ArchiveGrid Team said farewell and adieu to our teammate Ellen Eckert. Ellen joined OCLC at the start of 2010 as a research assistant and was soon taking a lead role in assisting ArchiveGrid users and contributors. During her time, the ArchiveGrid index grew from under 1 million descriptions of collections and items to over 3.6 million. Ellen played a big part in helping that expansion take place, working with new contributors and evaluating the quality of the growing system. If you’ve been in touch with us to contribute collection descriptions or to ask a question about a collection in ArchiveGrid, you’ve likely benefited from Ellen’s careful attention.

Here’s the team at our last get together a week ago at OCLC headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. Thank you Ellen for all of your hard work!

Bruce and Merrilee

The Small But Mighty ArchiveGrid Team.. L-R, Bruce, Ellen, and Merrilee.

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