United States of America v. American Telephone & Telegraph, et al: legal documents, 1974-1982


6 v. (3 linear ft.)..
Key documents and selected testimony in antitrust action. This set consists of photocopied typescripts of documents and testimony presented at this milestone case, which resulted in the breakup of America's largest technology-based corporation. It also resulted in the severance of direct institutional ties between the American telecommunications network and the country's most prestigious science research institution in the private sector, namely, the Bell Laboratories' Research Division. Ths testimony identifies the justifications and consequences of these steps and provides a wealth of information on the nature, size and scope of the American telecommunications industry and the impact of Bells System integration on the progress and strength of American science, technology and industry. In the technological and scientific areas, much information is presented on research and development activities, primarily at Bell Laboratories, in the physics and applications of semiconductors, microelectronics, telecommunications and lasers; the structure and organization of Bell Labs and the nature and importance of innovation in the private sector are important themes in the context of these topics. Expert testimony is presented by important leaders in American science and industry, many with ties to Stanford University, including David Packard, Arthur Schawlow, Charles Townes, Nathan Rosenburg and David Teece.

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