Papers, 1841-1937

Rice, William Gorham, 1856-1945


27 boxes (16 cu. ft.)..
The photographic material includes three boxes of magic lantern slides showing carillons in the U.S. and Canada, the League of Nations building in Geneva and scenes from the Netherlands. Many of these pictures were used in Rice's carillon books.
These papers relate mainly to Rice's research on a Grover Cleveland biography and on carillons. They include correspondence, research notes, copies of articles, manuscripts of publications and photographic material. The Cleveland material has good personal and political content and includes material on the 1884 presidential campaign. The carillon material mostly relates to Rice's two books on the subject. There is also official correspondence from the Civil Service Commission and material related to legislation authorizing the construction of the Broadway Arcade Railroad. In addition, these papers include personal correspondence between Rice and Edgar Apgar, letters from Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Wilson regarding the Woodrow Wilson Foundation for World Peace, and a collection of letters from American political figures including: Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Charles Evans Hughes, Alfred E. Smith, Herbert Lehman, Thomas E. Dewey and Robert Moses.
Rice was born in Albany, N.Y. and attended the Albany Academy. He married Harriet Langdon Pruyn, daughter of John VanSchaick Lansing Pruyn in 1892. Rice was Assistant Paymaster General of the New York State National Guard and secretary to Governor Cleveland. In 1895 he became U.S. Civil Service Commissioner. He later served as a member of the New York State Civil Service Commission. Rice was the author of several works on carillons and was an expert on the subject.
William Gorham Rice Papers, 1841-1937.
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