Reminiscences of William W. Lehfeldt : oral history, 1988

Lehfeldt, William W.,. 1925-


203 leaves.
6 cassettes.
Diplomatic/foreign service training and early experience; Economic Commercial Counselor to US Mission in Iran, 1969-1974; impressions of US ambassadors: Douglas MacArthur II, Joseph Farland, Richard Helms; impressions of Shah and Iranian officials; views on economic, social, political situation in Iran; US-Iran foreign policy, Nixon administration; oil production in Middle East, Persian Gulf: 1971 Tehran Agreement, 1972 St. Moritz Agreement; collective bargaining between US oil and Iran; 1973 oil crisis; US-Iran Joint Economic Commission; policy re: military purchases, Shah as peacekeeper; US banks' involvement and investment in Iran; impression.
Of Pahlevi family; arms sales to Iran; morality of US businesses in Iran; departure from Iran in 1973, retirement from foreign service; work for General Electric in Iran, 1975; role of Chamber of Commerce in Iran; precursors to revolution, Shah's attempts to maintain control; anti-Americanism in Iran; Carter's foreign policy; Black Friday; Shah's deteriorating health; evaluation of causes of revolution, US behavior in Iran.
Interviewed by William Burr.
Access: Open.
Permission required to cite, quote, and reproduce. Contact the Foundation for Iranian Studies for information.
Name index available.
Forms part of: Iranian-American relations project.

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