Israeli broadside collection, 1878-1981


approximately 1100 items.
Organized into 44 groups: Zuckerman printing press, 1928-1945; Education, 1878-1979; Invitations, 1924-1959; British Mandatory government, 1918-1946; Jewish veterans of the British army, 1929-1936; Keneset Yiśraʼel be-Erets Yiśraʼel, 1921-1944; Women's suffrage, 1919-1926; Pre-state elections, 1919-1944; Mizrachi, 1919-1937; Abraham Isaac Kook, 1920-1935?; Hitazreḥut, 1922-1937; Local elections, 1923-1949; Aliyah and curtailment of aliyah, 1925?-1939; Political parties, 1949?-1974?; Zionist Congress, 1927?-1946?; Jewish National Fund, 1919-1955; Ḳeren ha-geulah, 1920; Ḳeren Hayesod, 1923-1940; Mifdeh ha-ezraḥi, 1938; Kofer ha-yishuv, 1940; Irgun tsevaʼi leʼumi, 1944-1948; Loḥame ḥerut Yisrael, 1945-1946; Hapoel Hamizrachi, 1922?; Agudat Israel, 1935-1980; Sephardi and Edot ha-mizraḥ.
1902-1973; Naḥalat Yisrael ramah, 1902?-1942?; Synagogue, 1918-1964; Institutions in Jerusalem, 1896?-19--; Religious materials, 1920-1981; Appeals for yeshivot, 1955?-1979; Appeals for charitable organizations, 1882-1969; Appeals for Passover, 19--?-1973?; Gemilut Ḥesed, 1929?-1962?; Women and religion, 1873-1968; Kashrut, 1931-1966; Prayers for various occasions, 1949-1974; Habad, 1929-1973; Belz, 1959-1964; Likud party, 1973-1974?; Sabbath observance, 1956-1972; Religious issues, 1948?-1981?; Anti-autopsy poster collection, 1970?-1979?; Palestine poster and printed ephemera collection, 1889-1936; Israeli printed ephemera collection, 1955-1979.
Broadsides, invitations, flyers, pamphlets, periodicals, death notices, advertisements, receipts, and other printed ephemera produced in Israel and Palestine by the British Mandatory government and a variety of segments of the Jewish community in Palestine and Israel. They cover economic, social, political, cultural and religious aspects of life there. Examples of topics include Sabbath observance, kashrut, appeals for charity, public health, women's issues, the organization of the Jewish community in Palestine under British rule, self-defense and military activities of the Jewish community, land settlement, agricultural colonies, election campaigns, and relations between different segments of the population.
Each group has its own record in the RLIN system.
Chiefly in Hebrew.
Card file available in library item level control.

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