Artifact collection, 15-- -2016 (bulk 1775-2016)

Massachusetts Archives


101 items.
Under the direction of the state archivist, the Massachusetts Archives is responsible for securing, preserving, and managing noncurrent records of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts determined to possess archival value. Incidentally it has become the repository for certain objects related to events in Massachusetts history by contemporaneous or commemorative usage, including items presented directly to the Archives and those presented to officials of state government.
Artifacts have been designated in the following categories: ballot boxes, books, canes, cards, coats of arms, coffee grinders, coins, columns and steps (including bases and capitols from the Massachusetts State House), currency (including an extensive group of Revolutionary bills), display cases, dog tags, civilian dress, military dress, drums, engraving plates (including currency designs by Paul Revere), figurines, gavels, guns, medals, nails, paperweights, pens, pins, plaques, plates, ribbons, seals (including those from Massachusetts colonial charters of 1629, 1687, and 1691), shovels, silhouettes, stamps, swords, time capsules, and watches. Military artifacts among the above date from the Revolution and the Civil War.
Restricted; access by permission of state archivist or curator of Massachusetts Archives only.
Descriptive inventory sheets by item no., with provenance data.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0108-A/(OCoLC)145429427 describes the history and functions of the Massachusetts Archives.

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