Board/Commission orders, 1941-197-

Massachusetts Division of Milk Control


3.75 cubic ft. (3 record center cartons).
Arranged by order no.
The regulation of the milk industry in Massachusetts was carried out successively by the Milk Control Board and the Milk Control Commission, in later years with administrative support from the Division of Milk Control. The Milk Board/Commission established and issued orders, legally based and enforceable policies detailing regulations for the milk industry. Such orders included the designation and redesignation of milk marketing areas, the fixing of milk prices paid to producers, and dealer licensing requirements.
In 1934 Massachusetts established the Milk Control Board within the Dept. of Agriculture; in 1941 the Division of Milk Control was established under the supervision and control of a reconstituted Milk Control Board, replaced by the Milk Control Commission in 1953. Both bodies were abolished in 1983.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0402-A describes the history and functions of the Division of Milk Control.

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