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Vietnam Summer (Organization)


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Organized into 8 series: I. Administrative files; II. Program files; III. State project files; IV. Vietnam Summer News; V. Press and public relations; VI. Applications; VII. Finances; VIII. Contact lists.
Vietnam Summer records include minutes of the steering committee, correspondence (April-September, 1967), funding proposals, state and city project files, monthly audit reports, press conference packets, applications of volunteers, files of Vietnam Summer News, the Vietnam Summer Organizer's Manual, the Teachers' Project Manual, newspapers clippings and scrapbooks, leaflets, buttons, and photographs -- Correspondents include Gar Alperovitz, Richard R. Fernandez, Gregory H. Finger, Joseph Hanlon, Chester W. Hartman, Robert Holtzapple, Stewart Meacham, Norman Potter, Marilyn L. Salzman, Donald Siano, Trevor Thomas, Sue Thrasher, Lee D. Webb.
Vietnam Summer was a nationwide project designed to reach concerned citizens throughout the United States and to weld them into an organized and active constituency against the war in Vietnam. Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Spock and others launched the project nationally on April 23, 1967. From headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. co-directors Richard R. Fernandez and Lee D. Webb coordinated the efforts of 500 paid staff members and over 26,000 volunteers in about 700 local projects. Vietnam Summer officially ended on September 20, 1967.
Guide to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 2nd ed.,. p.71.
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