[Thomas Falconer Correspondence]

Falconer, Thomas, 1805-1882


9 items (including 1 photograph).
Correspondence and transcripts related to Thomas Falconer's involvement in the Santa Fe expedition, his travel on the Mississippi River, and his interest in Oregon. Two original letters from Thomas Falconer dated 1841 and 1842; one 1841 copy of a letter from Galveston related to his affairs; one letter from C.E. Detmold To John Edward Trelawny dated 1842; one 1846 letter (partial) to Falconer from unknown writer; 1909 recollection of Falconer written by by his niece, Henrietta Zipporah Roebuck; handwritten transcripts of 1841 New Orleans letter; typed transcript of 1842 San Louis Potosi letter; photograph of Thomas Falconer dated 1854. . page note written from Winchester where he was organist at the cathedral from 1849 to 1865. Letter, to unidentified person [Drake? Black?] who was trying to see him, stating that he's often on the move and difficult to see without an appointment.
The letter from Thomas Falconer to John David Falconer, dated Dec. 5, 1841, chronicles Falconer's trip by steamboat down the Mississippi River from Louisville to New Orleans. There is a small sketch of the steamer, the William French. The "Dec." is probably a mistake for Jan. since Falconer was captive in Mexico in December 1941.
The January 12, 1842, 3 page letter to Alfred Austin of London was written from San Louis (Luis) Potosi during the third month of his captivity; it recounts how he became part of the Santa Fe Expedition in June 1841 and continues up to late October 1841.
Thomas Falconer, a British lawyer and explorer, was a member of the 1841 Texas - Santa Fe expedition, which he chronicled in his book "Narrative of an expedition across the great southwestern prairies, from Texas to Santa Fe; with an account of the disasters which befell the expedition from want of food and the attacks of hostile Indians; the final capture of the Texans and their sufferings on a march of two thousand miles as prisoners of war, and in the prisons and lazarettos of Mexico."..
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