The Scott Dohring Mail Art Collection at the Visual Studies Workshop


Collection contains works created between 1979 and 1999 with the majority of materials from 1985 to 1989. It is comprised primarily of mail art magazines containing work by international poets, authors, editors, and artists mailed to Scott Dohring's magazine Foist. Mail art from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Uruguay, United Kingdon and United States is represented in the collection. Name and title entries were verified on WorldCat or in Geza Perneczky's 2003, two volume, over 600 page, Network Atlas: works and publications by the people of the first network. A historical atlas for the Post-Fluxus movements as mail art, visual poetry, copy art, stamp art & other relative trends with addresses, projects, publications & exhibition events.
Janet Janet is a pseudonym for Stephen Perkins. Karen Eliot is also a pseudonym: In Perneczky's Network Atlas v. I, p. 198, from Stewart Home's Karen Eliot manifesto, Home explains that Karen Eliot is a multiple identity pseudonym, "a name which refers to an individual human being who can be anyone. The name is fixed, the people using it aren't" and "Smile is a title which refers to an international magazine with multiple origins. The name is fixed, the types of magazines using it aren't. ...The purpose examine notions of identity, individuality, originality, value and truth."..

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