David Pottage and Ingrid Pottage interviewed by Alex Hood and Annette Hood in the Alex Hood folklore collection

Pottage, David, 1949-


3 digital audio tapes (approximately 149 min.)..
Folkloric recording. David Pottage born 1949, in Ringwood, Vic., speaks about his family background; his father representing Australia, Empire Games (1950); Percy Cerutty; his schooling; John Landy; Herb Elliott; Kerry O'Brien; Ron Clarke; Merv Lincoln; working for the Bureau of Meteorology; the Giles Weather Station, Woomera Rocket Range (1971); weather stations operations; becoming involved in Masters' Athletics and attending the Masters' Games in Spain (2006); Antarctica (1982); meteorological observations, weather balloons and the use of GPS Satellite; Hubert Wilkins; Dick Smith; his involvement with Huskies; sled runs to exercise the dogs, expeditions; moving the dogs to Minnesota, U.S.A.; Paul Schurke; Kloa Rookery; his 7 trips down to Antarctica; the 50 year moratorium on mining; Mawson Station (1995); personnel and responsibilities; testing personnel prior to hiring; station leaders; dangers, blizzards, crevasses; shipping in Antarctica, use of helicopters and aeroplanes; Wilkes/Casey station; the Russian Vostock Station.
David Pottage discusses Macquarie Island; his marriage breakup; meeting his present wife Ingrid. Ingrid Pottage talks about her family background and schooling; her first marriage and children; the family move to the Snowy Mountains; her apprenticeship as a chef; applying to be a chef on Macquarie Island (1995); the 3 month training period in Tasmania; meeting David; Macquarie Island, kitchen duties. David discusses relationships on the base; his last two postings to Christmas Island and then Lord Howe Island; retiring to Cooma (2005); Australian Antarctic Medal (1987); his diaries of Antarctic trips; training on Cheviot Beach, Dec. 1967 and Harold Holt's disappearance; his 40 years with Weather Bureau; marathons run on Macquarie Island and Christmas Island. Ingrid tells of her life as a chef in Antarctica; reunions of personnel; wintering in Antarctica; theme nights; midwinter's dinner; their marriage in 2000; their children.
Access open for research, personal copies. Written permission for public use during the lifetime of the interviewees.
Recorded on November 17, 2007 at Cooma, N.S.W..
Digital master ; National Library of Australia, Oral History and Folklore collection ; nla.oh-5682-0014.
Timed summary (10 p.)..

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