Southern Oral History Program collection, 1973-2013

Southern Oral History Program


5,316 interviews.
approximately 10300 textual items.
Organized into 20 series: Series A. Southern politics; Series B. Individual biographies; Series C. Notable North Carolinians; Series D. Rural electrification; Series E. Labor; Series F. Fellowship of Southern Churchmen; Series G. Southern women; Series H. Piedmont industrialization; Series I. Business history; Series J. Legal professions; Series K. Southern communities; Series L. University of North Carolina; Series M. Black high school principals; Series O. Foundation history; Series P. The press and the civil rights movement (in process); Series Q. African American life; Series R. Special research projects; Series S. Center for Creative Leadership; Series U. The Long Civil Rights Movement; Series V. The Hayti Spectrum: Documenting Negro Life of the 1920s, '30s, and '40s in Durham, N.C..
The collection includes sound recordings of interviews conducted under the auspices of the Southern Oral History Program or by other researchers, who donated their recordings to the Program. Also included are transcripts of most interviews, abstracts or tape indexes of many interviews, introductory biographical sketches for some interviews, and photographs of a few interviewees. Project-level descriptions are available in the the Southern Oral History Program Collection finding aid, and individual interviews are described in the Southern Oral History Program Interview Database.
Microfilm contents: Reel 1. Interview Transcripts: A1-A24 (A.1. Southern Politics: Bass-DeVries Interviews: Alabama). -- Reel 2. Interview Transcripts A62-A80 (A.1. Southern Politics: Bass-DeVries Interviews: Georgia). -- Reel 3. Interview Transcripts: A98-A117 (A.1. Southern Politics: Bass-DeVries Interviews: Mississippi). -- Reel 4. Interview Transcripts: A118-143 (A.1. Southern Politics: Bass-DeVries Interviews: North Carolina). -- Reel 5. Interview Transcript: B3: Clark Foreman. -- Reel 6. Interview Transcript B5: Paul Green. -- Reel 7. Interview Transcript B17: Clifford Durr. -- Reel 8. Interview Transcripts: E7: Myles Hortin (1905-1990), E10: Scott Hoyman, E11: Joseph D. Pedigo (1908-1986). -- Reel 9. Interview Transcript: G14-2: Adele Clark. -- Reel 10. Interview Transcript G23:pt. 1-2: Virginia Foster Durr.
In 1973, the History Dept. of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill established an oral history program devoted to the study of the southern region of the United States. The Southern Oral History Program collects interviews with southerners who have made significant contributions to various fields of human endeavor. In addition, the Program undertakes special projects with the purpose of rendering historically visible those whose experience is not reflected in traditional written sources. Interviews are conducted by Program staff, graduate students, faculty members, and consultants. The Program also serves as a collecting agency, accepting donations of tapes and transcripts of interviews conducted by other researchers.
In the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (#4007).
Master microfilm (M-4007) held by: NcU.
Microfilm filmed by University of North Carolina, Library, Photographic Service, 1977-1996.
Part of this collection is available on microfilm.

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