Playbills, 1836-1843

Theatre-Royal (Dublin, Ireland)


approximately 257 items.
Broadsides documenting productions at the Theatre-Royal, Dublin, Ireland -- Includes productions, actors and actresses, dates and times of performances, ticket prices, and next day's offerings. Productions range from Shakespeare's Othello to pony races and tableau vivans. Each major production was accompanied by a farce and a dance or musical number. The Theatre also produced operas and musical concerts, with performers and composers from London as well as Ireland. The broadsides provide an overview of the Irish stage and of the itinerary of early nineteenth- century performers who appeared in London, Dublin, and New York.
Documents dancers such as Clara Vestris Webster and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, as well as the kind of dances featured. Pantomime and tableau vivans presented by the Boleno Family began in 1841. Equestrian spectacle by the Ducrow Company is described in 1943. Wild trained animals by the VanAmbrugh Company in 1839 are distinguished by a line drawing. Musical performers, such as violinist Camilio Sivori, are described by epithets and previous engagements. Popular songs such as "Pit Pat, Pit-Pat Goes My Heart" are indicated by title and performer.
Featured performers include Madame Vestris, Charles Kean, Ellen Tree, the Ternans, Mr. Macready, Mr. Wallack, the composer Balfe, and the American Thomas Rice, performer of "Jum Crow." Stage machinery, scene painting, and special effects for Robinson Crusoe are attributed to Sloman and Phillips in 1841. Costume design is recognized in the attribution of special "dresses" by Mr. Lord and McCaul in 1840.
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