[United States?, Anglo-American, 1965] / collected by Laura Boulton


5 audiotape reels : analog, 7 1/2 ips, 1 track or 2 track ; 7 in.
Reel 1: Theme & Variations (organ) [i.e. variations on America] ; Anne [i.e. Ann] Street / Charles E. Ives -- Blue devil & Twitering machines [i.e. Little blue devil and The twittering-machine from Seven studies on themes of Paul Klee] / Gunther Schuller -- Appalachian spring ; Orchestral variations / Aaron Copland -- Four saints [Four saints in three acts] / Virgil Thomson -- Rhapsodic variations / Vladimir Ussachevsky and Otto Luening -- Cloud chamber music / Harry Partch -- Amores / John Cage -- Violin concerto ; Piano concerto / Samuel Barber.
Reel 2: Tarantella [Grande tarantelle?] ; Opening, Night in the tropics [Symphony No. 1, La nuit des tropiques] / Louis Moreau Gottschalk -- Second symphony / Charles E. Ives. Reel 3: Rhapsodic variations / Vladimir Ussachevsky. Reel 4: Piece for tape recorder / Vladimir Ussachevsky -- Concerted piece / Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky -- Billy the kid / Aaron Copland -- Amores (part I) ; Amores (part III) / John Cage -- 2nd sonata [Second violin sonata] / Charles E. Ives -- I got rhythm ; Porgy & Bess [doesn't appear on tape] / George Gershwin. Reel 5: Kentucky rondo ; Prelude to a hymn tune by William Billings / Otto Luening.
From container: American contemporary music.
Accompanying material includes contents lists from the tape containers.
Possibly a collection of excerpts from works used for demonstration purposes.
Tape inventory numbers: IXA23--IXA30 (IXA24 a copy of IXA23, IXA27 a copy of IXA25, IXA26 a partial copy of IXA23).
Copies of Laura Boulton Collection audio recordings exist at Columbia University, the Library of Congress, and the Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music. For further information see OCLC #27840204.
Various unidentified vocal, instrumental, or electronic performers.
Recorded by Laura Boulton possibly in May, 1965, at an unknown location.

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