Papers of James Elliott Heath, 1946-1966

Heath, James Elliott, 1871-


2800 items.
Heath's papers are divided into four major sections. The first, 1947-1949, contains material about his service as associate chief trial prosecutor and assistant to General Telford Taylor, U.S. Chief of Counsel for War Crimes, Office of Military Government during the International military tribunals at Nuremberg, 1946-1949.
Heath dealt with legal questions arising in the prosecution of industrialists, particularly executives of I.G. Farben and Krupp. These papers contain research material, correspondence, trial transcripts, and articles. In Germany Heath served as defense attorney in Rex vs. Hubert, Redlich, Kryszek, and Orlinski, a trial of four Jewish nationalists accused of attempted sabotage against a British train. Transcripts and related trial material from this case comprise the second section of his papers.
The largest section deals with the efforts of Heath in the 1950s to destroy the power of the political machine of nine of the twelve Kellam brothers of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne Co., Virginia through exposure of gambling, liquor and election laws violations.
Consisting mostly of news clippings from the anti-machine Princess Anne Free Press of J. Wilcox Dunn, the segment also contains correspondence, research notes, statements of witnesses, and transcripts of telephone conversations and several trials in suits involving machine men. In addition there is some campaign material from Heath's unsuccessful race for Commonwealth's attorney for Virginia Beach.
The final section contains papers, including transcripts, from Heath's prosecution of Billy Waters vs. Lt. John Morse and Chief Harold Anderson, a case arising from the unjust conviction of Waters for arson.
Associate chief trial prosecutor and assistant to General Telford Taylor.
James Elliott Heath Papers, 1946-1966, Accession #10302, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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