Library Collection of Study Photographs and Clippings, ca. 1930-2000

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library


679.3. linear feet.
The photographs and clippings are first organized by size into boxes containing 8x10 and smaller objects followed by three groups of oversized hanging files of increasing size. After the organization by size, items are organized by country or region (e.g. American, British, Italian), then by subject area (e.g. sculpture), then alphabetically by artist, or within Locations by city, and occasionally by category or title within the work of the artist (e.g. cloud studies).
The Library's collection of study photographs and clippings contains reference photographs and clippings of art objects from a vast array of geographic locations. The collection contains photographs and clippings of sculpture, decorative arts, architecture (locations), and paintings/drawings/prints in the following geographic categories: American, British, French, German, Italian, the Low Countries, Scandinavian, Spanish, Swiss, Miscellaneous European/Western tradition, Egyptian, Ancient Civilization, Byzantine, African, Pre-Columbian American Art, Prehistoric, Near East, Far East, and Oceania. This collection began with the purchase of Willem Rudolf Juynboll's clippings collection, but was augmented in many ways and from several sources. Other major sources of material include the Duveen Collection, purchases from the Courtauld Institute, and an Alinari subscription. The collection also includes material from independent photographers and clippings from auction catalogues collected by Clark staff members.
In 1950 Sterling and Francine Clark chartered the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute as a home for their extensive art collection. Opened to the public in 1955, the Institute has built upon this extraordinary group of works to become a highly respected art museum and one of the few institutions in the United States that combines a public art museum with a complement of research and academic programs, including a major art history library.
This material is currently restricted.
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