Sy Neeley is interviewed by Bill Schneider and Dave Krupa in Glennallen, Alaska on June 13, 1993

Neeley, Sy


1 audiocassette (approximately 60 min.) : analog.
ORAL HISTORY 95-71-03 PT. 1. Sy Neeley talks about his parents, moving to Olympia when he was three years old, his father returning to Juneau, Alaska in 1938, moving to Sitka in 1939, moving to Valdez in 1942, meeting Bill Cameron, his dad working for the Alaska Road Commission in Chistochina, his father buying the Chistochina Roadhouse and Trading Post from Etta and Red Housler, road commission workers staying at roadhouses, his dad buying furs, the importance of trapping to the local economy, the types of items that they sold at the trading post, growing up in Chistochina, the road building activity in Chistochina in 1942, the African American army regiments building the road from Slana to Tok, Tok Junction, Alcan Highway construction, the African American army regiments not being prepared for the cold weather conditions, Mel Joleff driving the commissary truck, Mel selling bootleg liquor on the side, spending time in Nabesna in 1942, the mine in Nabesna, road to the mine in Nabesna, Carl Whitham, history of the Nabesna mine, Gulkana Lodge, Phil Holsworth, the road to Eagle, telegraph lines, Slana, the Richardson Highway, Fairbanks, freight being hauled in the winter on the Eagle trail by sleds, Bill and Francis Cameron, working as a bull cook for the road commission when he was fourteen years old, Chitina, Bill Cameron's engineering abilities, Jack Justin working as a guide, Jack's father, Chief Nabesna, Lucy Justin, Harry Boyden's long hunting trips, freight hauled from Valdez to Nabesna to Reeve Field, planes hauling tar for the runways at Northway and Tanacross, airports being built for the lend-lease program during WWII, Harry Boyden, Lou Anderton, Harry Morgridge wintering horses on the Nabesna bar, flying from Reeve Field to Tanacross and over to Delta, the ferry at Rika's Roadhouse, Tok Road opening in the fall of 1942, his dad going to Chitina for supplies for Harry Boyden, the type of hunting trip that Harry Boyden organized, Inez and Fred Bronniche, Jack John working with Harry Boyden, the horses used on hunting trips, Harry Boyden taking out the USGS on a surveying trips to the Wrangell Mountains, and Harry hauling mail from Kennicott to Chisana and Silver City with horses and dog teams.
ORAL HISTORY 95-71-03 PT. 2. Sy Neeley talks about Big Carl Carlson, Carl building the bridge over the river each spring at Chitina, Carl's physical abilities, Carl working for the Alaska Road Commission, a story about Carl surprising a tourist with his appearance, Henra and Arnie Sundt and their children, Arnie Jr., Roy and Margaret, Thad Conkle, a story about Thad Conkle prospecting on the Chistochina River, changes in the valley, seeing more people coming up to Alaska in 1947, improvements in the road, homesteading in the 1940s, the tourist industry in the area, returning to Chistochina with his wife, Carol in 1957, how the oil pipeline changed Alaska, having electricity in 1949, listening to KFAR on Saturdays, and the Rural Electric Association in the area.
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Recorded on June 13, 1993 in Glennallen, Alaska.
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