Log of medical treatment of foundlings, 1882-1885

Massachusetts Department of Outdoor Poor


1 volume.
Arranged alphabetically by first letter of surname.
Series contains case histories and running notes as kept by Dr. Sarah M. Crawford, a medical officer in the Dept. of Outdoor Poor -- Information includes name, birthdate, case no., date found or transferred to custody of the Dept. of Outdoor Poor, parent names, residence, and other information affecting settlement (grandparents, immigration, naturalization, etc). Case history is followed by visit notes by physician, with some added entries in other hands or referring to other physicians. Visits, made every month or two, or more frequently when the child was ill, include comments on the child's physical and emotional condition, care in the home, and details of medical treatments. Occasionally a child remained with his mother while receiving state support. Dated notations were made when the child died, was transferred to another doctor's care, was discharged for adoption, or was transferred to the Dept. of Indoor Poor at age three. Some entries indicate case numbers corresponding to those in: Histories of foundlings ((M-Ar)542X).
Under the Massachusetts State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity (1879-1886) and the State Board of Lunacy and Charity (1886-1898), the Dept. of Outdoor Poor was responsible for adults in need of state medical or general assistance not committed to state institutions under the board's jurisdiction and for juvenile wards of the state under three years of age. When an infant was committed to the board, it was examined and treated by a medical officer of the department, and was often placed at the Massachusetts Infant Asylum (see: Massachusetts. Board of State Charities. Massachusetts Infant Asylum case histories, 1871-1879 (M-Ar) 541X)), or in a temporary home under the supervision of the board and its medical officers.
Agency history (CStRLIN)MASVAH0289-A/(OCoLC)145429847 describes the history and functions of the Department of Outdoor Poor.

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