Robert Mills papers, 1803-1856

Mills, Robert, 1781-1855


approximately 400 items.
Correspondence (1808-1834) with Mrs. Robert Mills (Eliza Barnwell Smith Mills) concerning personal and family matters.
Correspondence (1808-1853) with clients, and fellow architects from Charleston, Columbia, Abbeville, Richmond, Va., Philadelphia, Pa., Baltimore, Md., and elsewhere concerning politics, social life, taste of liquors (1810), art gallery in Baltimore from Joseph Delaplaine, railroads in N.C. (1827), Robert Mills' architectural and engineering projects, and other matters. Also includes a letter (1852) of Mills about the Henry Clay steamship disaster. Correspondents include Thomas S. Grimke, James B. Pye, M.P. Mills, and others.
Includes papers for architectural proposals and projects in Charleston, S.C., Richmond, Va., Baltimore, Md., Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, Pa. for churches, monuments, parks, public buildings, etc. including the Fireproof Building (Charleston, S.C.), U.S. House of Representatives (1830), U.S. Treasury and State Building (1831-1840), naval monument, Washington, D.C. (1831), Smithsonian Institution proposal (ca. 1846-1847), and U.S. Capitol beacon (1847).
Also includes other project papers for Mills' atlas and a trans-continental railroad proposal (1852).
Also included are fragments of Mills' autobiographical sketch, a prayer concerning creation, Mills' land holdings, newspaper correspondence, a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Mills, writings (1850) regarding the Ladies Union Benevolent Employment Society (1850), family history material including information on the Dimitry, Smith, and Mills families, and miscellaneous receipts, bills, printed matter, etc.
Also contains architectural drawings of the Fireproof Building (Charleston, S.C.), Didian House (Baltimore, Md.), Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, S.C.), Wade Hampton House (Columbia, S.C.), Camden, S.C. Courthouse, Washington City Hall, and the Octagon Church (Philadelphia).
South Carolina architect.
Cite as: Mills, Robert, 1781-1855. Robert Mills papers, 1803-1856. (11/517-518 & 33/022) South Carolina Historical Society.

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