Oral history interviews of the Atrisco Oral History Project, 1981-1984, (bulk 1984)

Atrisco Oral History Project


41 audiocassettes (approximately 41 hr.)..
31 folders.
A 1790 census of the 223 inhabitants of the area listed their occupations as farmer, sheepherder, weaver and shoemaker. The Atrisco Oral History Project's goal was to document the changes in the area since the late 18th century. The interviews examine topics relating to the cultural and historical heritage of the Atrisco area. The importance of land, land grants, and the impact of Westland Development Corporation are discussed, as are themes of bilingual education, language, religion, and livelihood.
The Atrisco Oral History Project, also known as Herencia: the Atrisco Community, was conducted over nine months in 1984, with the exception of one interview which was conducted in 1981. The project was directed by Dr. Raymond Burrola and consists of interviews with 35 residents of the Atrisco area in Albuquerque's South Valley. The project was sponsored by the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute at the University of New Mexico, in conjunction with the Albuquerque Museum and University of New Mexico General Library; the project was funded in part by a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council. Most of the interviews are conducted in Spanish; a few of them are conducted in English.
Additional materials in the collection include photocopies of business ledgers, correspondence, and a photocopy of a diary.
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Master tapes located in CSWR vault.
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