Siegling Music House records, 1820-1958

Siegling Music House


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Records consist of sales, purchase, and rental records, inventories, trial balances of accounts, music books, and other items.
Sales, purchase, and rental records (1820-1955) in thirteen bound volumes are mostly for piano sales and rentals but also for organs, harps, guitars, and violins. Customers in Charleston (S.C.) and other South Carolina locations as well as in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee include antebellum plantation owners, churches, hotels, schools, social organizations, and the Academy of Music (Charleston, S.C.)..
Other records include bound volumes (1899-1931) containing monthly and yearly inventories of stock; trial balances (1912-1958) for petty cash, inventory, stocks and bonds, furniture and fixtures, autos and trucks, liabilities and capital, and other accounts; work and repair books (1911-1921); sales records, inventories, and other records (1919-1922) of the Florence (S.C.) branch of Siegling Music House; dividend books (1905-1931); a bankbook of Henry Siegling (1893-1901); and various loose items including receipts, rental contracts, Siegling Music House billheads and advertisements; a conveyance (1832) of a lot and building at the southwest corner of King and Beaufain streets (location of the business until 1970); sheet music published by Siegling; a list of real estate properties owned by the Siegling family; and other items.
Music books (ca. 1850-1872) include a pianoforte teaching handbook (1872) by Peter Silea; a "Home Companion" book of popular love songs and patriotic music; and a piano music book published by N.C. Bochsa (London, England).
Charleston, S.C. music retail store and music publishing house established by John Siegling, a native of Germany, in 1819. The business continued in the family until 1970.
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