Francis Kinloch Huger correspondence, 1795-1820

Huger, Francis Kinloch, 1773-1855


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Correspondence includes a note (1795 Jan. 7) to [Thomas] Pinckney from Huger during his imprisonment at Olmutz asking Pinckney to tell his mother that he is well and that his "sentence is not yet known." Note also mentions the status of other prisoners. In another note (1795 Feb. 7) to Pinckney (U.S. Minister to France) Huger anticipates knowing his "fate" (sentence) very soon, and discusses the circumstances of the failed attempt to liberate Lafayette.
In a letter (copy, ca. 1797) to Huger the Marquis de Lafayette expresses his thanks for the rescue attempt and discusses his plans for the near future. Letter (1799 April 17) from Lafayette in Vienna (Austria) concerns the delay of Lafayette's visit to America and his exiled friend Bureaux de Pusy, who is about to embark for the United States. Letter (1820 Nov. 6) to Huger from Lafayette discusses a mutual friend and political events in France. Also included is a photostat of part of a letter (n.d.) in French signed "Noailles Lafayette."..
Charleston and Stateburg, S.C physician, U.S. Army officer, and South Carolina state legislator. In 1794 Huger was studying medicine in Vienna (Austria), where he met Dr. Erick Bollman. Huger and Bollman made an unsucessful attempt to rescue the Marquis de Lafayette, a prisoner of the fortress of Olmutz. Both Huger and Bollman were afterwards captured and confined at Olmutz until their release in 1795.
Cite as: Huger, Francis Kinloch, 1773-1855. Francis Kinloch Huger correspondence, 1795-1855.

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