Grant and Proposal Files, 1970-1986

National Indian Lutheran Board


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National Indian Lutheran Board (NILB) grant and proposal files (1970-1986) contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, proposals, financial statements, background histories, newsletters, articles of incorporation and by-laws, and publications of NILB funded programs and institutions. Correspondence regards discussion of needs, grant arrangements, and progress reports. Correspondents include NILB Director Eugene R. Crawford and Administrative Secretary Shirley A. Canchola; Lutheran Council in the USA (LCUSA) participating church body officials; American Indian Movement officials; and directors and other staff of organizations, associations, agencies, programs, churches, and missions who recieved NILB grant money. These institutions' programs concerned Native American students and scholarships, theater activities, youth, aged, athletics, politics, health, rehabilitation and outreach, craft and cultural activities, technical service training, housing and employment, tribal self-preservation, legal services, environmental concerns, cemetery protection, and hunger issues. Requests also were made for food, clothing, transportation, and heating needs.
The National Indian Lutheran Board (NILB) was founded in 1970 through activities of the Lutheran Church and Indian People (LUCHIP) and the Lutheran Council in the USA (LCUSA). Serving as an advocacy program of the LCUSA participating church bodies (The American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church in America, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (joined in 1978), and Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (joined in 1982)), NILB responsibilities included testifying on legislation regarding and affecting Native Americans; facilitating opportunities for an awareness of Native American issues on the part of non-Indians; working with ecumenical organizations to reach a wider Christian audience; and administering funds granted for Indian projects and special requests.
Native Americans comprised 75% of the agency's membership. Eugene R. Crawford directed both the NILB and the LCUSA's American Indian Services Desk from 1971 until his death in 1986. In 1987, the LCUSA was terminated with the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). At this time, LCUSA and NILB responsibilities were assumed by the ELCA.

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