Barney and Ole Hansen are interviewed by Mike Dalton in Eagle, Alaska in August, 1973

Hansen, Barney (Barnett F.), 1894-1977


4 audiotape reels (70 min.) : analog, 3 3/4 ips, mono ; 7 in.
ORAL HISTORY 78-41-01. Barney Hansen talks about the Steeles and their hotel in Fairbanks and their roadhouse in Eagle, Roberta Stout, Bob Steele working at Ft. Egbert, Buster and Lil Thompson, Vince and Peggy James, Riverside Hotel in Eagle, Charlie Martin, Dorothy King, Cyril Randall, arriving in Alaska in 1929, working for an oil company in Washington, coming to Eagle to visit Burt Bryant, Dawson, Fairbanks, working for the FE Company, Jack Boswell, Ester, Olaf Iverson, his experience using nozzles to strip the soil, Vic Carlson, Jack Linck, working with Oscar Phipps, Jim Dalton, working on Cripple Creek and working on different creeks for Dick Bauer.
ORAL HISTORY 78-41-02. Barney Hansen talks about operating the nozzles for gold mining, teaching himself about hydraulics, living in California until he was seven, living in Australia, living in New Zealand after his father died, his siblings, leaving New Zealand when he was sixteen, working in Yakima, Washington, saving his money and bringing his family back to the United States, his brother, George Frye. Ole talks about applying for a teaching job in Alaska with the Alaska Native Service, her trip to Eagle in 1925 from North Dakota, Dawson, and getting a ride with Percy DeWolf to Eagle.
ORAL HISTORY 78-41-03. Ole Hansen talks about George Randall, her first visit to the village, her school in the village, teaching for thirteen years, feeling homesick her first year, Liza Malcolm, walking to Eagle with her lantern, her birthplace, meeting Barney in Eagle, nursing the sick in the village and delivering babies, Silas Stevens, Roberta Steele Stout, Alice Roberts, Chicken, Ben Stacey, a dog attack in Eagle, getting married in Fairbanks in 1938, Dick and Irene Holly, and Frank Leach.
ORAL HISTORY 78-41-04. Barney Hansen talks about John Fanning, Nimrod's job as a guide, a magazine article about Nimrod, the knives and map that Nimrod made, Sam White's surveying work from Fairbanks to Eagle, staying in Fairbanks after they got married, returning to Eagle in 1944, working in Chicken, and Dick Roberts.
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Recorded in August, 1973 in Eagle, Alaska.
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