Esther Oliver Hall is interviewed by Mike Dalton in Central, Alaska on August 10, 1973

Hall, Esther Oliver, 1899-


3 audiotape reels (70 min.) : analog, 3 3/4 ips, mono ; 7 in.
ORAL HISTORY 78-34-01. Esther Hall talks about living in Central for five years after her husband retired, renting a cabin from Ken Carson, the bears that would come to their cabin in Central, John Burdoe, her husband, Dixie, the changes in Central, Agnes Saucier, where she was born, growing up in Douglas, her parents marrying in Sitka, Frank Oliver, Mamie Fusing, her classmate Ruby Johnson, attending normal school to become a teacher, teaching at Perseverance Mine, traveling by tram and through the mine to get to Douglas, the ferry between Juneau and Douglas, Treadwell Mine, the different nationalities in Douglas, Mr. Henderson, teaching at the Eska Coal Mine outside of Anchorage, Sumner Smith, meeting her husband at the coal mine in Eska, teaching at Chickaloon, getting married in Anchorage in 1922, what Anchorage was like in 1919, Cap Lathrop, Donald McDonald, President Harding visiting Nenana, Herbert Hoover, and Cap Jones organizing the band at Nenana for President Harding's visit.
ORAL HISTORY 78-34-02. Esther Hall talks about her husband working for the railroad, how her husband received his nickname, the visit of President Harding to Nenana in 1923, moving to Bethel from Nenana, her sons, John Barbee and Robert Lee, Dixie working for the N.C. Company in Bethel, taking the freighter, Tupper, to Bethel, getting supplies twice a year in Bethel, dog team mail from Fairbanks, the church in Bethel, their house in Bethel, seal oil, life in Bethel, Tony and Sarah Sumi, Tony Dimond, moving to Fairbanks in 1933, traveling up the Kuskokwim River, Russian Mission, Chris Betch, traveling down the Yukon and Tanana Rivers to Fairbanks, pilots that came into Bethel, Al Munson, Noel Wien, Matt Niemenen, Harry Blunt and Frank Dorbant and enjoying her life in Alaska.
ORAL HISTORY 78-34-03. Esther Hall talks about the her husband working for the U.S. Marshal in Fairbanks and working in the federal court system, clerk of court, Harry Pratt, pioneer fund pension, Vernon Forbes, LaDessa Nordale, Joe McDonald, Dixie's retirement when statehood came and the court system changed to state control, where Dixie was born, when Dixie first came to Alaska, Eva McGown and the changes in Fairbanks.
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Recorded on August 10, 1973 in Central, Alaska.
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