Records, 1837 Oct. 21-1845 July 10

Thomas P. Salmond (Steamboat)


1 roll microfilm (70 items).
Chiefly record of individual and company accounts, ledgers, and receipts re cargo shipped, operational expenses, and payments received for shipping during antebellum era (most materials on microfilm).
Bills, steamer logs, business letters, and accounts, 1839-1840, re cargo carried, expenses incurred, and money received; places represented include Charleston, S.C., and Key West and Tampa, Florida, and elsewhere.
Expenses, 24 Jan. - 1 Aug. 1839, titled "Disbursements of the T. Salmond," listing prices page for food, wine, labor, washing, etc., as well as expenses in Columbia, S.C., 10 Mar.-Apr. 11, 1839, including "stage fare and boarding," "hire of labor," etc.; and another record of expenses, 24 Jan. 1839 - 28 Feb. 1840, records the steamer's accounts with "Capt. Frederick." [both in legal size folder].
Receipt, 18 Mar. 1839, Charleston, S.C., from Robinson and Caldwell, re payment for shipment; receipt, 10 Sept. 1839, to James Hutchkiss, re payment for shipment of wood; letter, 18 June 1841, Charleston, S.C., John Millare, to William Kennedy, Camden, S.C., re paperwork for claim of payment due; and bill, 3 Dec. 1841, for repairs to the steamboat.
Steamer distributing goods to and from Charleston, S.C., as well as various locations in Florida, and elsewhere.
1 folder (2 items).
Records of the Thomas P. Salmond (Steamboat), South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.

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