Stanley Young is interviewed by Neville Jacobs in Fairbanks, Alaska in June, 1974

Young, Stanley, -1980


2 audiotape reels (60 min.) : analog, 3 3/4 ips, mono ; 7 in.
ORAL HISTORY 76-39-01. Stanley Young talks about leaving Seattle in 1924, coming to Alaska to work at the Kennecott Copper Mine, Joe Morgan, arriving in Ketchikan, his time in Cordova, taking the train to Kennecott, the problems at the Kennecott Mine, the tramway at the mine, the way the copper was removed from the mine, Barney McKinney, Doug McKinney, McCarthy, gold mining at Chisana, Joe Malloy, Solo Pass, Billy James, Too Much Johnson, Clubfoot Simons, the dog teams bringing in supplies in the winter, Chisana Glacier, Foghorn Nelson, Jack Carroll, Don Green, constructing a dam for gold mining, Con Miller's hunting trips, and Harry Boyden.
ORAL HISTORY 76-39-02. Stanley Young talks about trapping fox, lynx, coyotes, and wolves, Carl Whitham, his trip from Chisana to Chitina, "Red" Earl Hurst, how he sluiced for gold, his cabin in Fairbanks, Jimmy Chisholm, using a tramway to cross the Tanana River at Big Delta in the 1930s, Rika's Roadhouse, Rika Wallen, John Knight, how he acquired the trading post at Healy Lake, trade with the Indians, and tuberculosis in the Indian Village.
ORAL HISTORY 76-39-03. Stanley Young talks about the potlatch tradition, the Indians at Scottie Creek, his wife, Jack Birchard, living in Anchorage, mining at the Alaska Juneau Mine, operating a ball mill, working at the Chichagof Mine, working for the Alaska Railroad, operating a crane at the Alaska Juneau Mine, learning to operate boats, Diamond Kid, running a tender at a cannery, Charlie Hubbard, the different types of fish traps used by the fishermen, and having his boat stolen on the Twentymile River.
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Recorded in Fairbanks, Alaska in June, 1974.

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