Center for Contemporary Music Archive, CD180, Oliveros

Mills College Center for Contemporary Music


1 audio disc (79:38 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
315074 170613 164570 134010.
Track 1: Sonic meditations. Label on original container reads: Sonic meditations. Mon., Feb. 12, 1973. "Removing the demon."..
Track 2. Sonic meditations: Removing the demon, or, Getting your rocks off. Labels from original container read: Rocks off (in pencil); Sonic meditation (in red ink); Removing the demon, or, Getting your rocks off (in red ink); Removing the demon (in green marker).
Track 3. Circle improvisaion. Sources for title and date conflict. Original container reads: Meditation Project CME [Center for Music Experiment] 1972, but note inside box reads: Monday, Jan. 29, 1973 Teach yourself to fly. University of California, San Diego inventory lists title alternately as: Journeys to other times and places, CME, 7/5/72; Circle improvisation no. 1. Meditation Project, CME, 7/5/72; and Music from fantasies.
Track 4. Elephant call, performed by Jack Logan on elephant tusk trumpets. Note on original container: All materials were recorded using a UHER C-134 cassette recorder and Sennheiser 2002 a binaural microphones. The entire recording has been engineered for listening through stereo headphones in order to best reproduce the sensation of surrounding ambience.
Transfer archivist, Maggi Payne.
Compact disc Oakland, California : Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, June 23, 2009 From the archives of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. Transferred from the original sources.

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