Center for Contemporary Music Archive, CD125, Sender

Mills College Center for Contemporary Music


1 audio disc (73:20 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
000119 000840 000108 000409 001428 004322.
From the Ramon Sender archives located in the College Archive. Tape numbers refer to the original tapes.
Time fields (1:19, 8:80, 1:08). Sender Archive, tape 34. Ramon Sender's notes: An unrehearsed reading of the piece, Time fields. This won the KPFA Director's Award in 1965 but never received the promised performance. The piece was created by dropping ink dots on sections of paper from a ladder, then laboriously measuring their position on each page and transcribing for six instruments. The page sections (cards) were relationally related by tempo changes, and the instrumentalists positioned away from each other around the auditorium. The piece could begin anywhere in the series of 'cards' and I provided one possible version of the piece in score. The original score and parts disappeared.
Improvisation for piano (4:09, 14:28). Sender Archive, tape 57. Ramon Sender's notes: San Francisco Conservatory attic, 1961. I painstakingly transcribed [this piece] as a score. I had just had a very emotionally upsetting meeting ... I sat down and just played like crazy and I loved the piece. There is also a second movement.
Worldfood XII (43:22) Sender Archive, tape 16. Tape box reads: My favorite Worldfood piece. "Warbled" Ampex tester slowed down a few octaves. Continued on CD126.
Transfer archivist, Maggi Payne.
Compact disc Oakland, California : Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, June 11, 2002 From the archives of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. Transferred intact from the original sources.

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