Faith McAllister photographs, 1930s-1940s

McAllister, Faith


0.60 cu. ft.
The Faith McAllister Photographs are comprised of photographs of many of the coastal areas of Alaska, including the western shore from St. Michael to Barrow and the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska. These photographs also depict the landscape and people of Interior Alaska, as well as its animals and gold mines. This collection includes views from the S.S. Victoria headed to Nome in 1932, the S.S. Star in Whale Pass and the M.S. North Star in Southeast Alaska. In addition, there are photographs of Nome, the rebuilding of Nome after a fire, the Snake River, streets and beaches of Nome, Ketchikan, Hooper Bay and Kotzebue. The Faith McAllister Photographs include images of sled dog teams, Leonhard Seppala and his dog team, the Anchorage Alaska Railroad baseball team and the Fairbanks baseball team in the late 1930s. This collection contains pictures of the queen candidates at the Fairbanks Ice Carnival in 1936 and the construction of a dragline in 1938, gold dredges, hydraulic mining and mining machinery.
Faith McAllister (1914-2003) came to Alaska with her husband Bill (William M., 1922-2003) in 1936 or 1937. Bill McAllister graduated from the School of Mining and Engineering, University of Alaska, in 1939. The McAllisters left Alaska and returned to California in 1941. Faith McAllister published an article, in the May-April 1981-82 issue of Alaska Today, about raising a wolf pup in Fairbanks and Fox, Alaska. Faith worked as a teacher until her retirement in the early 1980s. (From: Faith McAllister, "Wolf Nuisance Must Be Abated," Alaska today 1981, v. 9 [May 1981-April 1982].)..
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