Robert J. Gilson collection, Virginia Beach Public Library

Gilson, Robert J.,. 1946-


7 binders stored in bank box.
5 flat items stored in box ; 17 x 24 cm.
Arranged in 7 scrapbooks by subject: Navy; Cape Henry; Virginia Beach; South Bay Ferries; Chesapeake Bay Steamers/Norfolk Harbor; Norfolk; Hampton, Newport News and general Tidewater. Oversize flat items in separate box.
Navy: Thirty Two(32) Postcards of Battleship BB-13 U.S.S. Virginia dated Ca 1904 to Decommissioning NLT 1920 -- Six (6) Postcards of Virginia or Virginia class battleships or same era vessels (one double card separated) -- Sheet music titled American Patrol with picture of U.S.S. Virginia on cover Ca 1914 (in box 2) -- Fifty Eight (58)Postcards Norfolk Naval Shipyard Ca 1906-1942 (Majority before 1920) -- Eight (8) Postcards of Berkley Naval Training Station CA WW1 -- Three (3) Postcards Norfolk Naval Station and Marine Hospital Ca pre-1950 -- Booklet: A Brief History of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (April 1951) -- Booklet: Norfolk Naval Shipyard 1767-1967.
Cape Henry: 1908 USGS Map Willoughby to Cape Henry -- Seven(7) Lynnhaven Postcards -- Two(2) articles Virginian Pilot re: Cape Henry -- Forty One(41) Postcards Views of Both Lighthouses -- Four (4) Postcards Views of Old Lighthouse -- Six(6) Postcards Views of New Lighthouse -- Thirteen(13) Postcards Buildings, Trains, etc. -- Twenty Two(22) Postcards Views of Life Saving Stations and Rescues -- Seven (7) Postcards Ft. Story in WWII and 1950s -- Three (3) Postcards First Landing Shrine -- Thirteen (13) Postcards Dunes/Ocean -- One (1) Postcard Harbor Pilot.
Virginia Beach: Thirty Two (32) Postcard Views of Early Virginia Beach Pre-1920 -- Twenty Eight(28) Postcards Views of Surf Club, New Ocean Casino and Seaside Park -- 11x14 ad from Richmond News Leader Virginia Beach Casino 6/10/1913 (in box 2) -- Forty nine (49) Postcards Hotels and Rooming Houses -- Gay Manor Hotel Brochure CA 1930s -- Cavalier Hotel Brochure CA 1930s -- Forty Eight (48) Postcards Cavalier Hotel related -- Eighteen (18) Postcards Buildings, Restaurants Street views -- Thirty Six (36) Postcards Aerial Views of the Oceanfront -- Forty (40) Postcards Cottage Line, Boardwalk, Oceanfront Bldgs. -- Fourteen (14) Postcards Beach or Ocean Views -- Six (6) Postcards Linkhorn Bay & Misc. -- Two (2) Hotel and Cottage Directories 1941 and CA 1930s -- Sturmont Selected Seafoods: Seafood Cookbook CA 1940s -- C & O Railroad: Virginia Shore Advertising Booklet CA 1930 -- Norfolk & Western Virginia Beach Ad CA 1930s (in box 2).
South Bay Ferries: Fourteen (14) postcards Newport News-Norfolk -- Two Newport News-Norfolk ferry Brochures CA 1930s -- Norfolk-Portsmouth Ferry Brochure CA 1940 -- Thirty Four (34) Postcards Norfolk-Portsmouth Ferry -- Four(4) Chesapeake Bay (Cape Charles to Southside) Ferry Brochures -- Forty Six (46) Postcards Chesapeake Bay (Cape Charles to Southside) Ferry -- World Events 5/21/36 Launching of Ferry Princess Ann [sic] 11x17. (in box 2).
Chesapeake Bay Steamers/Norfolk Harbor: Twenty Two (22) Postcards Norfolk & Washington Steamboat Co. Steamers -- Norfolk & Washington Steamboat Co Ad CA 1930s -- Seven (7) Norfolk & Washington Steamboat Co. Brochures and Schedules -- Five (5) Postcards Steamer Louise -- Three (3) Postcards Steamers Charles McAlester, and Penn -- Five (5)Old Bay Line Schedules/Brochures, One (1) Ad -- Nineteen (19) Postcards Old Bay Line Steamers -- Ten(10) Postcards Steamships C & O, Penn RR -- Three (3) Postcards Chesapeake Line Steamers -- Five(5) Chesapeake Steamship Co. Brochures and Two Ads -- Eight (8) Postcards Old Dominion Lines Steamers(6) Docks Scenes (2) -- Two (2) Old Dominion line Ads Ca 1890s and 1920s -- One (1) Old Dominion Line Brochure dtd 1941 -- Three (3) Postcards Eastern Line Steamers -- Two(2) Postcards Merchants & Miners Co. (one at sea, one in port) -- Forty Three (43) Postcards Norfolk Harbor and Docks -- Sheet Music Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay c1913 Song lyrics mention Old Dominion Line (in box 2).
Norfolk: Nineteen(19)Postcards Early Norfolk City views and Buildings -- Six(6) Postcards Ocean View.
Hampton, Newport News and General Tidewater: Hotel Chamberlain Brochure (Front Flap) CA 1900-1905 -- Thirty Nine (39) Postcards Early to 1930s Hotel Chamberlain Views -- Ten (10) Postcards Early Ft. Monroe -- Six (6) Postcards Early Hampton/Phoebus Views -- Twenty Four (24) Early Newport News Harbor/Shipyard Views -- One (1) Early Yorktown York River View -- Eleven (11) Postcard Folders CA 1910-1940s -- Hampton Roads Guide, -- 128 pages CA 1924 -- AAA Tidewater Virginia by Motor CA 1940.
Robert J. Gilson (1946- ) began collecting materials about Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area when he moved to the area in 2001. the collection is comprised of postcards, sheet music, clippings, brochures and emphemera concerning steamships in the Chesapeake Bay ; Virginia Beach ; Cape Henry ; The Navy ; Norfolk ; and General Tidewater Area.

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