Rudy Krejci is interviewed by Dan O'Neill in Fairbanks, Alaska on June 16, 2011

Krejčí, Rudy, 1929-


8 videocassettes (30 min.) : sound, color ; 1/2 in.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-01/02. Rudy talks about where he was born near the border of Moravia and Austria, his childhood, playing sports, the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, his high school years, the retreat of the Germans and the end of the war, communism in Czechoslovakia, his work against communism, going into hiding after one of his friends is captured, his five years in hiding, his father mentoring him, studying T.G. Masaryk while he was in hiding, and Pitirim Sorokin.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-03/04 Rudy Krejci talks about teaching himself philosophy, the influence of Fyodor Dostoevsky, living with uncertainty, needing to plan his escape, his escape on a train in a coffin covered by coal, arriving in Vienna, being investigated in the American zone of Vienna, being accepted into the University of Innsbruck, traveling to the United States on a visa, earning his Ph. D and the future politicians he worked with at Bechtel.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-05 Rudy Krejci talks about trying to get a job teaching philosophy, applying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, President Patty, being hired as a German professor, how European universities differ from American universities, the importance of the study of philosophy, modern philosophy, his method of teaching Russian and German, Karl Popper, putting together a philosophy curriculum, and ordering books for the library.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-06 Rudy Krejci talks about Jay Rabinowitz, Walter Benesch, Dr. Wood, Dr. Pruitt, Project Chariot, Les Viereck, Edward Teller and the course he taught on Marxism.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-07 Rudy Krejci talks about Joe Fejes, Vic Fischer, Charlie Parr, his disagreement about Project Chariot, Dr. Wood, requesting to see the budget of the University of Alaska, flying poets, Ed Skellings, and student protests on campus.
ORAL HISTORY 2011-28-08 Rudy Krejci talks about the students who were involved with the free-speech movement, becoming a dean, history of universities, and changes in universities.
Recorded on June 16, 2011 in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Scholarly purposes only Oral History release form, June 23, 2011.

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