Reports of the Board of Trustees, 1899-1904

Lyman School for Boys


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The State Reform School was founded in 1847 and opened in 1848 at Westborough for the instruction, discipline, employment, and reform of male juvenile offenders in Massachusetts. It was renamed the Lyman School for Boys in 1884 and closed in 1972. During the period 1895-1911 it was administered by the Trustees of the Lyman and Industrial Schools, who held monthly meetings to vote on decisions concerning the school and its students. Reports issued to the superintendent are abstracts of trustee minutes, documenting decisions regarding the status of individual students and the administration of the school.
Votes concern finances, maintenance and improvement of the school, and personnel. There are also votes relating to disposition of inmates, including probationary release, discharge to other state institutions, and release upon petition. Information in such vote records includes inmate name, case no., short case history, and recommendation for future placement.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0072-A describes the history and functions of the Lyman School for Boys.

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