Caroline Bartlett Crane collection, 1895-1935

Crane, Caroline Bartlett, 1858-1935


26 cu. ft.
Papers of Caroline Bartlett Crane (1858-1935). The collection contains material about her personal and public life as a Unitarian minister, founder of The People's Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a social and urban reformer, suffragist, and conservationist. Papers include correspondence, speeches, sermons, articles, travel journals, scrapbooks, autobiographical material and photographs. Papers about women's issues of the early twentieth century include correspondence with suffragists, Anna Howard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, and Jane Addams. Information on the Kalamazoo Civic Improvement League, League of Women Voters, health, visiting nurses, and sanitation, divorce laws and women in the church and rural life in the mid 1920s. Material about social reform issues includes prison and poorhouse investigations and reform, juvenile delinquency, legislative reform of meat inspection, municipal sanitary surveys, the Salvation Army in England, old age security, and unemployment. Material about housing in the 1920s includes her book, Everyman's House, photographs and design plans for the house, which was a winner of Herbert Hoover's "Better Homes of America" campaign. Anti-war and World War I materials include the papers of the Women's Committee Council of National Defense (Michigan Division), Henry Ford's Peace Ship, disarmament; preparedness, and the League of Nations. Forestry and conservation interests included state park status for Rose's Island in the Kalamazoo River, and tourist guides of Michigan parks and campgrounds. Within this collection is the Mrs. Warren Bartlett Crane collection.

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