Hanya Holm archives Interview with Eve Gentry ; Hanya Holm and Eve Gentry conversation in Colorado


2 videocassettes (approximately 120 min. each) : sound, color ; 1/2 in.
Eve Gentry discusses her 6-year association with Hanya Holm as a dancer in the Holm tour company. She reminisces about that experience and some of her fellow dancers in the company. She also describes in detail some of the dances they performed and demonstrates several steps. Finally, she shares her feelings and reasons for leaving the company, Holm's reaction, and provides insight into Hanya Holm as a person.
[tape 1] 116. Eve and Hanya on bench looking at photo album from gym circuit days -- 118. Eve and Hanya on bench in Colorado -- 117. Interview with Eve Gentry; "I'm Eve Gentry" -- 120. Interview with Eve Gentry, camera different angle but material matches #117 -- 119. Interview with Eve Gentry, talks about percussion instruments and how they were used -- 122. Interview with Eve Gentry, talks about the gym circuit.
[tape 2] 121. Interview with Eve Gentry, includes demonstration of steps from "Trend" -- 123. Interview with Eve Gentry, talks about "Trend" -- 124. Interview with Eve Gentry, talks about Noguchi, demonstrates movement from "Trend" -- 125. Interview with Eve Gentry, last days with Hanya's company (matches #128) -- 126. Interview with Eve Gentry; talks about dancing in "Trend" -- 128. Interview with Eve Gentry (matches #125).
Title from cassette label.
Selection of outtakes from: Hanya, portrait of a pioneer, which was shown on PBS in 1985.
Issued also as U-matic 3/4 in.
Producer, Marilyn Cristofori.

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