The stage and its stars past and present : extra illustrated materials


[67] items : illustrations ; 36 cm or smaller.
Loose items refiled in folders in document box by groupings by name of actor, actress, etc. in order found. Oversize souvenir program for Chantecler and issue of Billboard housed separately in oversize pamphlet folders.
Items from scrapbook include theater playbills and programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, souvenir programs, ticket stubs and sheet music. Some items mounted, some laid in volume 1 of: The stage it stars past and present, edited by Howard Paul and George Gebbie used as a scrapbook. Includes individual issues of The Standard & Vanity Fair magazine (Vol. XLVI, no. 1098, August 27, 1910, with portrait of Rose and Jennie Dolly on cover) and The Billboard, Cinncinnati, Ohio (Vol. XXVI, no. 34, August 22, 1914, with portrait of Tilly Bartik on cover). Includes illustrated souvenir programs for Maude Adams "Chantecler" and "L'Aiglon". Includes sheet music for "So This Is Love" by E. Ray Goetz advertising Irene Bordoni in "Little Miss Bluebeard" (1923). Includes performances by Tom Lewis, Maude Adams, Edwin Booth, E.H. Sothern, Robert B. Mantell, Genevieve Hamper and others. Many loose items mounted on card with other items.
Rehoused items: Folder 1: The Standard and Vanity Fair, Aug. 27, 1910 (1 item) -- Folder 2: Maude Adams (2 items) -- Folder 3: Actresses of note. Favorites of stage. Notable weddings in New York (1919). Baseball stars (4 items) -- Folder 4: Maxine Elliott. J. Albert Young. Douglas Fairbanks. Albert Phillips (3 items) -- Folder 5: E.H. Sothern. Theodore Thomas. Tom Lewis. Clara Morris. R.D. MacLean. Maida Craigen & Frederick Paulding. Walter Sandfords Theatrical Enterprises (7 items) -- Folder 6: James K. Hackett. Viola Allen. Margaret Speaks. William Faversham (7 items) -- Folder 7: Robert B. Mantell. Genevieve Hampden. William Crane. W.G. Harding (12 items) -- Folder 8: Laura Keene. Edwin Booth. "The Swan" (3 items) -- Folder 9: Irene Bordoni (1 item) -- Folder 10: Sarah Bernhardt (1 item) -- Folder 11: Ghosts in the footlights (2 items) -- Folder 12: Ellen Terry. Henry Irving. Mrs. C. Kemble (2 items) -- Folder 13: Adah Isaacs Menken (1 item) -- Folder 14: Alma Rubens (1 item) -- Folder 15: Richard Mansfield (2 items).
Theater playbills and programs: The Yankee Prince (Nixon's Apollo Theatre, Atlantic City, N.J., Feb. 10-12, [1910], by George M. Cohan, with Tom Lewis) -- What Every Woman Knows (Broad Street Theatre, [Philadelphia, Pa.] Nov. 8, 1909, by J.M. Barrie, with Maude Adams) -- The Merchant of Venice. Hamlet. As You Like It (April 23-25, 1928, by William Shakespeare, with Robert B. Mantell) -- Our American Cousin (Facsimile playbill: Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C., April 14, 1865, by Tom Taylor, with Laura Keene) -- Aladdin, or, The Wonderful Lamp (Grand Opera House, Monday, Nov. 14, [1892?], music by Thomas Baker) -- The Swan (Auditorium Theatre, [Chicago?] June 20, 1927, by Ferenc Molnar) -- Hamlet (Facsimile playbill; Boston Theatre: Oct. 26-27, 1863, by William Shakespeare, with Edwin Booth) -- The Two Virtues (Adelphi Theatre [Philadelphia?], Feb. 21, 1916, by Alfred Sutro, with E.H. Sothern) -- Julius Caesar. Richelieu. Macbeth (April 25-27, [1924], by William Shakespeare and Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, with Robert B. Mantell).
Concert programs: The Theodore Thomas Orchestra (Willow Grove Park, Philadelphia, Pa., June 30, 1909) -- John Philip Sousa and his Band of 70 (1904).
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Includes clippings announcing deaths of Warren G. Harding, William Faversham, Robert Bruso Mantell, Alma Rubens, William H. Crane, Robert B. Mantell, Jr., Maxine Elliott, J. Albert Young, Douglas Fairbanks and Albert Phillips. Includes separate files of clippings relating to James K. Hackett and Robert B. Mantell; including Viola Allen in "Macbeth," and James Hackett in "Othello" at the Grand Opera House, Kingston, Ontario; review of "A Duel of Hearts" with Maida Craigen and Frederick Paulding, 1893-1894, advertisement for Walter Sanford's Theatrical Enterprises, season 1893-94; images of artists and their roles including De Wolf Hopper as Marc Antony, Wm. Burres as Oscar Hammerstein, Leter Wallack as Leon Delmar, F.C. Bangs as Marc Antony, James O'Neill as Count De Monte Cristo., R.D. MacLean, Miss Clara Morris in "The Two Orphans," Sarah Bernhardt as Magda in "Heimat," Mrs. C. Kemble as Madge Wildfire. Includes clippings from magazines Mid-week pictorial from Nov. 8, 1930, the London News from New York, July 6, 1895, the Baltimore News from January, 1931, from the Baltimore Sun from Jan. 11, 1971 regarding Sousa memorial, "The Naked Lady, or, Don't Take Your Sister to Astley's" by M.M. Marberry from Horizon, Winter, 1964 about Adah Isaacs Menken.
Includes clippings with portraits of Margaret Speaks, actresses of note and actresses playing stellar roles: Mary Miles Minter, Lola Fisher, Eva Le Gallienne, Peggy Wood, Billie Burke, Lenore Ulrich, Martha Hedman, Jeanne Eagels, notable weddings recently celebrated in New York (1919): Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., Rachel Littleton, Helen Moran, favorites of the stage: Julia Marlowe, Margalo Gillmore, Cleo Mayfield, actresses in spoken and silent drama: Virginia Fair, Dorothy Gish, Alice Brady, Ann Andrews. Baseball stars: W.L. Gardner, Eddie Collins, E. Cicotte, E.G. Myers, "Doc" Johnston. Also actors and actresses Leslie Carter, Bertha Kalich, Margaret Anglin, Ethel Barrymore, Mrs. Fiske, Elsie Ferguson, Jane Cowl, Lionel Barrymore, William Faversham, John Drew, John Barrymore, George Arliss, Henry Miller, Otis Skinner, Ben-Ami, Joseph Schildkraut, Walter Hampden, E.H. Sothern, David Warfied, Grace George, Pauline Lord, Helen McKellar, Frances Starr, Florence Eldridge, Olga Petrova, Alma Tell, Jessica Tandy, Derrick de Marney, Libby Holman, Lou Wood, Hannah Williams, Lee Patrick, Renee and Antonio De Marco, Miriam Hopkins, Anita Page, Grace Moore, Ruth Roland, Douglas Scott, Dorothy Christie, Maurice Chevalier, Katherine Cornell, Maxine Elliott. Portraits of silent film actresses: Shirley Mason, Jacqueline Logan, Anna Q. Nilsson, Dorothy Gish, Betty Compton, Jane Novak, Gloria Swanson, Gladys Walton, Priscilla Dean, Helene Chadwick, Charles Klein, Edwin Royle, George V. Hobart, Augustus Thomas, David Belasco, George Broadhurst, Sir Henry Irving. Portraits from series "Ghosts of the Footlights" including Sir Frank Robert Benson, Arthur Bourcher, Lewis Waller, Violet Vanbrugh, Dame Ellen Terry, Sir Herbert Beerbohn Tree, Lily Brayton, Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Oscar Asche, Sir John Hare, Nellie Melba, Anna Pavlova, Sir Charles Wyndham, Charles Hawtrey, George Graves, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, H.B. Irving, Dame Irene Vanbrugh, Sir Gerald Du Maurier, Dame Marie Tempest, Weedon Grossmith and Cyril Maude. Also clipping with portraits of Richard Mansfield in "Peer Gynt."..
With: The stage and its stars past and present, [1890], copy 3. Items added subsequent to publication.
In: American theater programs of the late 19th and 20th centuries (Library of Congress).

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