Manorial court books for Kingshall, Brendhall, Wascolies, and Rousehall in the parish of Clopton, Suffolk (England), 1600-1866


19 volumes.
An almost unbroken run of more than two centuries of manorial court books of four related manors in Clopton parish, Suffolk. These volumes record the proceedings of the manorial courts baron, but apparently do not include the courts leet with view of frankpledge. The individual volumes are listed below.
Court books for Kingshall, Brendhall, and Wascolies together, 1619-1697, 4 volumes (HM 73702-73705).
Court books for Brendhall in Clopton, 1698-1789, 2 volumes (HM 73706-73707).
Court books for Kingshall in Clopton, 1698-1867, 3 volumes (HM 73708-73710).
Court books for Wascolies in Clopton, 1722-1861, 2 volumes (HM 73711-73712).
Court books for Rousehall in Clopton, 1600-1866, 8 volumes (HM 73713-73720).
According to W. A. Copinger's THE MANORS OF SUFFOLK (1904-10), vol. III, 23-24, all four manors are in Clopton parish and are mentioned in Domesday. Although the individual manors or various combinations of them have had different owners over the centuries, by the 1870s they were all owned by William Sidney Calvert; in 1882 he conveyed them to Edward Broughton Rouse, who conveyed them the following year to Herbert Rouse Brewster de Medewe of Carlton House (Middlesex). In 1908 Brewster de Medewe conveyed the lordship of all four manors to Alexander Hewitt Kerr of Portland, Oregon, from whom they descended to Marcus and Sharon Kerr Sitrin of Los Angeles.
All 19 volumes seem to have been kept together as a unified archive: the bindings of most (either limp vellum or vellum over pasteboards) are of uniform size (mostly 31 cm.) and bear different identifying letters of the alphabet on each cover, to which reference is made internally in several volumes.

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