Statements and estimates of the Treasury, 1802-1839

Massachusetts Treasury Office


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As part of his official duties, the treasurer of Massachusetts made various reports on the condition of the Treasury and of the accounts due to and from the Commonwealth. These reports included statements for the previous year or estimates of the current year's debts and revenues. Estimates were reviewed and approved by the General Court to authorize sufficient money to be transferred to or borrowed by the treasurer to pay the debts of the Commonwealth. Series consists of these various types of reports and miscellaneous related documents, -- including: end of year statements for 1802, 1808, and 1821 (printed) and for various years from 1802-1833 (manuscript), fragmentary predecessors of annual reports that began as printed media in 1832 ((M-Ar)1318S, from 1842 (incomplete)), with similar reports for other years in the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society and the American Antiquarian Society); beginning or mid-year statements and the rest of the year's debts and revenues, furnished to the governor for 1828-1831; estimates of debts and revenues for the year ahead addressed to the General Court's Committee on Finance for 1833-1838; accounts, 1838-1839, addressed to the governor regarding outstanding scrips issued by the Commonwealth and due dates of their interest and principal; miscellaneous reports of accounts including debts incurred in the War of 1812; and an overview of Treasurer (1806-1808) Thompson Skinner's debts transferred to the incoming treasurer. Also, an account of tax assessments for the towns of Hopkinton and Upton submitted to the General Court's Judiciary Committee for 1782-1830, with an account of warrants paid to trustees of charitable land in the same towns for 1796-1823.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0145-A/(OCoLC)145429507 describes the history and functions of the Treasury Dept., an agency successor to the Treasury Office.

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