[Hanya Holm archives Rehearsal: Get me to the church on time]


8 videocassettes (approximately 20 min. each) : sound, color ; 3/4 in.
11. Preview of re-creation of "Church on Time" plus end of class. (Nikolais is present watching, too) -- 30. Rehearsal of "Get Me To The Church On Time" with Crandall Diehl (see also tapes #11 and #60) -- 32. Rehearsal of "Get Me To The Church On Time," dancers sit at Hanya's feet (see tape #35 for match) [also matches tape 30] -- 34. Rehearsal of "Get Me To The Church on Time" in NYC -- 35. Rehearsal of "Get Me To the Church on Time", matches tape #32 -- 37. Tail end of rehearsal, at the feet of Hanya -- 39. Rehearsal; Martha Hill interview, has 2 sets of time code -- 60. Rehearsal of re-creation of "Get Me to the Church on Time."..
Selection of outtakes from: Hanya, portrait of a pioneer, which was shown on PBS in 1985.
Filmed in 1983.
Some footage duplicated (i.e. shot by two different cameras, nos. 86-87) partially or wholly on various cassettes; references are provided in Contents note for matching footage.
Contents note taken from packing list.
First generation, archival copy.
Producer, Marilyn Cristofori.

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