[Views of Africa Vol. 2, Mali, Guinea, Mauritania, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire]



1 album (248 photographic prints) : collodion, gelatin silver ; 28 x 35 cm., photographic prints 16 x 23 cm. or smaller.
This second album in a series of seven contains views of Mali, Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania, with a few of Côte d'Ivoire as well. Subjects depicted include rivers and markets, festivals with costumed dancers and musicians (balafon and horn players and drummers), African men in boats or on horseback or camelback and women with their dress and jewelry (some with scarifications), village life, and nomads with camels. Europeans in Africa are shown on hunting expeditions with a variety of game (including a giraffe), sitting in a jinrikisha, touring by automobile, visiting a nomad Maure camp and posing with a salt caravan. Some interracial shots are included, as are five small photographs of Maginot during his 1929 visit to French Sudan, separated from the album documenting that trip (970031, Box 11). Unexpected shots such as artillery guns aimed at the ocean and a chimpanzee climbing on a European's camera tripod are also encountered.
African peoples depicted include the Peulh, Foulah and Foulah-Counda [Fula], Sérère [Serer], Toucouleur, Soussou, and Maure ethnicities. Places depicted include the canal and dam at Sotuba and the bridge at Mahina (near Bamako), the market, train station and other public buildings in Bamako, the port at Conakry, the Grandes Chutes waterfall in Guinea, the camp at Bow Bolon and the ferry over the Senegal River at Rosso, as well as Bassam [Grand-Bassam?], Pastoria, Dagana, Siguiri and Fadiouth. The Niger and Senegal rivers are shown; notable buildings depicted include the mausoleum tomb of Askia Muhamed at Gao, and Château Faidherbe, a European-style mansion in Richard-Toll.
Desmarais (first name not available), a French photographer and painter based in Paris, lived off and on in French and Belgian Africa from approximately 1929 to 1960, during which time he organized travel and hunting expeditions together with his brother; his son, Michel Desmarais, was a planter in the Belgian Congo.
Title devised; album numbering and photograph dates from seller's inventory.
Album contains 24 unnumbered leaves.
Binding: veined brown imitation leather, tied with ocher cord.
"DP Paris Marque déposée"--Sticker inside rear cover.
Seller's inventory gives date of photographs for all Desmarais albums as 1929 to 1960, with photographs from different time periods mingled in each album. The photographs were taken by Desmarais and other local photographers; the albums also include postcards and press bureau photographs ("clichés d'Agence"). Albums and album captions were created by the author in approximately 1967 or 1969.
Some photographs appear to be printed from original negatives.
Some postcards from this suite of albums have duplicates in the ACHAC Collection, Series I; some photographs have duplicates and related photographs in the ACHAC Collection, Series IIa. See also: Official visit of André Maginot to Dakar and French Sudan, acc. no. 970031, Box 11.
Open for use by qualified researchers.
Prussin, L. Hatumere, Islamic design in West Africa, p. 123.
Forms part of the ACHAC Collection, 1880-ca. 1975 (Special Collections acc. no. 970031).

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