Maps and plans, 1638-1986

Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State


99 cubic ft. (approximately 2000 maps).
68 cubic ft. (approximately 3000 maps in 72 volumes (boxed)).
0.7 cubic ft. (5 volumes).
0.42 cubic ft. (42 microfilm reels ; 35 mm).
14 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Maps have been collected by the state secretary by legislative directive or on account of historical value. Items are manuscript or printed, on various materials -- Some building plans are included. Topics include bridges, canals, Commonwealth lands, counties, forts, gores, grants of townships, harbors, islands, prisons, railroads, rivers, roads, sewage plants, state boundary lines, State House, state institutions, streets, town boundaries, turnpikes, U.S. lands and buildings, water supply, and wharves.
Map numbering omits 3100-3999.
Microfilm (incomplete; with partial/multiple duplication) included with series. See also: Town plans--1830 ((M-Ar)48X).
Microfilm (with partial duplication) available in Archives reading room.
Published in: CZM presumptive line project : research from Massachusetts State Archives. Boston : BSC Group, 2003-2004; available in Archives reference library (1B MEZZ BSC--CD 16).
Maps and plans database/printout by map no. with vault locations (reference staff use only) includes current numbered series; may also include photostatted items from: Third series, Town plans--1794 ((M-Ar)47X), and: Town plans--1830 ((M-Ar)48X). Maps database with entries taken from card index (see below) is searchable by date, series no., vol. no., name, or topic (consult reference staff).
In 5 v., included with series: maps acquired through 1891 listed in (1) chronological catalog with brief description and location (with insert through 1900) (2) subject index (additional copy in Archives reading room) (3) volume list for bound maps, and list of numbered maps on rollers; maps acquired since 1900 listed in (4) current accessions volume; ancient plans, grants in (5) volume list with references to later bound map volumes. Card index by subject (extent of coverage uncertain) available in Archives reading room. Chronological catalog, subject index, card index, and maps database also include: Town plans--1794 and: Town plans--1830.
Additional items properly assigned to this series (1629-1799, and a few related earlier items) may be located in: Massachusetts archives collection ((M-Ar)45X) by consulting the Massachusetts archives collection database, an electronic index to documents from selected series volumes. Each document entry contains vol. no., beginning page (i.e., document) and inclusive page nos., record series no./title (with creating agency code/name), legislative or executive journal citation, creation and/or other date, summary of contents, and lists of referenced: (1) geographic locations, (2) personal names, and (3) topics (including Indian tribal names, newspaper titles, ship names, and corporate bodies); also data on document generation (original, attested copy, transcript), signatories/signatures, and seals. Database is searchable by date, series no., vol. no., location, name, or topic. Search results are listed chronologically.
Contents of published version.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0029-A/(OCoLC)145429236 describes the history and functions of the Office of the Secretary of State.
Descriptions of maps in this series included in: Transcripts and documents collected in France ((M-Ar)38X) (subseries (2), v. 1) are located in the (CStRLIN) MAP file where they are electronically linked to this record (sel fil AMC MAP/fin rid MASV90-A84).

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