Humphrey-Weidman Company (Motion picture)


1 reel. 6 1/2 min., 160 ft. : si. black and white ; 16 mm.
Finale from To the dance (incorrectly noted on film frame as part of Race of life) Choreography by Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. -- Race of life: excerpts. Danced by Charles Weidman (Boy), José Limón (Father), Doris Humphrey (Mother) -- New dance: excerpts from Variations and conclusion. Danced by Humphrey and group. -- Traditions: excerpt. Choreography by Charles Weidman. Danced by Charles Weidman, José Limón, and Bill Matons. -- Passacaglia and fugue: performance shots with Doris Humphrey and group. -- Charles Weidman and company in one his group works. -- Humphrey-Weidman Company in ending of Shakers. -- Song of the West: brief excerpt of Doris Humphrey in The green land, and group in Desert gods.
Filmed by Ann Barzel during a performance in 1938 at the Auditorium Theater, Chicago.
Choreography: Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman.
Performed by the Humphrey-Weidman Company. Featured dancers: Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, José Limón, Bill Matons, Katherine Litz, Katherine Manning, and Sybil Shearer.
Summary: Very short excerpts from seven works. Choreography by Doris Humphrey, except as noted.

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