Bert Byron Davis collection

Beech, Beatrice


5 boxes.
Collection includes correspondence between Bert Byron Davis and his wife to family and friends living in and around Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan, in particular to Areat Williams Hibbard and to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lorenze Hibbard. Mrs. Hibbard was Bert Bryon's sister. Collection also contains a large manuscript titled, 65 letters that were never sent, organized by Bert's wife Rosella Davis after his death in February 1944. Also included are a number of photographs that depict the Davis home in Baguio, Philippines.
Bert Byron Davis was born at Lenawee Junction, Michigan, April 24, 1880 and died in Baguio, Philippines in February, 1944. He married Rosella Snyder (1876-1958) in 1904, Kalamazoo, Michigan. In April 1932, Davis accepted an appointment to the Far Eastern Division, and joined the Philippine Union College as Director of the Normal Department, a Seventh Day Adventist school. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in 1941, Davis along with other missionaries and Americans living in the Philippines were rounded up by the Imperial Japanese Army and interned in concentration camps in and around Baguio. After several months in dentention, Davis and his wife were released and permitted to live, under supervision, in a private home in Baguio. Rosella was freed with the other POW's when American forces liberated the Philippines in 1944 and 1945. Rosella died May 23, 1958 in Orlando, Florida.

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