Andrew Johnson, Milt. Gov. & B.G., State of Tennessee, Executive Deptmt, Nashville, to Hon A[braham]. Lincoln President of the U.S., 1865, Feb. 28

Andrew Johnson


LS by Johnson, AES by Lincoln. 1 p. Written in ink on lined paper. Johnson forwards petition from men of high character regaridng release of a Tennessee cavalry soldier named J.E. Graves, held prisoner in Ohio [Graves is not mentioned in the document, but see letter of petition 80.0186.1). Endorsed by Lincoln: Let this man take the oath of Dec. 8 1863 & be discharged. Feb 28. 1865. A. Lincoln. Pencil notation in center: Feb. 28, 1865. The accession number for this item was formerly 80.0186b and was changed by mll and lg on 7/5/05 to conform with the numbering system used in the rest of the collection.

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