8072 Poppy Multimedia Work, 2006

Foley, Fiona, 1964-


0.01 linear metres.
Fiona Foley is a contemporary Australian painter, printmaker, photographer, sculptor, installation artist, writer and community activist, whose work is greatly influenced by her Badtjala heritage and history. The Badtjala are a group indigenous to Australia, whose ancestral homeland was Thoorgine (called Fraser Island by white colonists), the world's largest sand island. Now based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Fiona Foley was born in 1964 in mainland Australia. She grew up in Queensland, and studied art and education in Sydney, Australia, and at St. Martins School of Arts in London, England. She also studied with traditional indigenous artists in the communities of Arnhem Land, Ramingining and Maningrida in Australia, and the painful Badtjala memories are important in her art-making, along with the European tradition she absorbed in art school. Later, she helped form a traditional artists' cooperative organization in Sydney. She uses a wide range of mediums and materials and also makes indoor and outdoor installations.
Unrestricted access.
8072, Poppy Multimedia Work, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

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