W.W. Laird collection of graphic materials and family movies


141 photographic prints ; 14 x 11 in. or smaller.
2 photographic prints ; 10.5 x 106 in.
1 photograph : ambrotype ; 2.5 x 3 in.
1 photograph : cabinet photograph ; 6.5 x 4.25 in.
4 photographic prints : stats ; 22.5 x 18 in. or smaller.
5 items : blueprints ; 146 x 105 cm. or smaller.
61 slides : lantern, many color ; 4 x 7 in. or smaller.
2 slides : lantern ; 4 x 10.25 in.
7 transparencies : stereographs, glass ; 3.25 x 6.75 in.
2 prints ; 28 x 43 cm. or smaller.
4 photomechanical prints (posters) : color ; 117 x 79.5 cm. or smaller.
1 album (53 photographic prints) ; 30 x 26 cm.
1 portfolio (7 prints, 7 photographic prints) ; 20 x 25 cm.
7 items.
1 reel (100 ft.) : si., col. ; 16 mm.
17 reels (100 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
2 reels (200 ft.) : si., col. ; 16 mm.
4 reels (200 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
2 reels (400 ft.) : si., col. ; 16 mm.
27 reels (400 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
1 reel (800 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
9 reels (1600 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
10 reels (2000 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
6 videocassettes (VHS).
Many of the photographs in this collection are interiors and exteriors of du Pont family estates and homes in Delaware including Eleutherian Mills, Hagley House, Hagley, Rencourt, Granogue, Gibralter, the Charles Copeland house, Goodstay, Nemours, St. Amour, Owl's Nest, Pelleport, and the White Farm House. There are also interior views of the home of Lammot du Pont on Powelton Avenue in Philadelphia. Other photographs of local Wilmington, Delaware area buildings include the First Office of the Du Pont Company; the Brandywine Manufacturers' Sunday School; Christ Church; the second Du Pont Company office; Sand Hole; Breck's Mill; Walker's Mill; the Delaware Trust Building; and the Brandywine Building, etc. There is one photograph of a building on Breck's Lane, identified as an old stable built by Alfred I. du Pont and later converted to two residences. There are also many photos of local bridges including New Bridge, Old New Bridge, Thompson's Bridge, and Van Buren St. Bridge. Other views include Brandywine Creek, Rockford Dam, the Du Pont Company powder yards on the Brandywine, Henry Clay village, Brandywine Springs Park, Brandywine Park, and the Greenville and Kennett Pike areas. Miscellaneous photos include portraits and snapshots of du Pont and Laird family members; photographs from the presentation of the Legion of Honor to P.S. du Pont in 1954; group portraits of the "All Wilmington Band Festival," conducted by Arthur Pryor (1940), the "All Wilmington Chorus" (1940), and "The 'Tippecanoe' Harrison & Morton Club" (1888); and a birds-eye view print of lower Manhattan. There are also two large panoramic photographs taken from Rockford Tower, Wilmington, Delaware.
The collection also includes an album of photographs of the home of Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., located on Rising Sun Lane in Wilmington, Delaware, taken circa 1975. The house was once owned by Irenee Du Pont and was known as the Square House. Views include the driveway, exterior and interior views, and servants.
The collection also contains a large number of lantern slides, most with wood mounts and captions, two of which are panoramic. The subjects include reproductions of paintings and other art; foreign views; American Civil War scenes; nursery rhymes; and humorous illustrations. Four of the slides are of Henry Clay Village, Delaware (ca. 1900), one showing Rockford Tower under construction. There are also seven glass stereographs of miscellaneous views in Germany and France.
A number of miscellaneous blueprints and maps are also part of the collection, including two copies of a 1903/1889 map of Du Pont Company Brandywine properties, by Robert Frazier; a photostat enlargement of a Brandywine Banks map, originally from an atlas; an insurance survey map of the Hagley property, owned by R. & A. Dawes (1797); a printed map of the Christ Church, Christiana Hundred area in Delaware as it was in 1856 by Richard Layton (1959); a blueprint of the Upper property with a plan of the water and electric lines, etc. (ca. 1920); two blueprints showing a map of water pipes on Du Pont properties along the Brandywine, Water Dept., Wilmington (1929); and two blueprints of the property map Brandywine Works (Feb. 2, 1917).
The collection includes approximately 70 reels of 16mm black & white film in metal cans. More than half of these films are skits and plays composed and performed by William W. "Chick" Laird and other children of the du Pont and related families in the 1920s and 1930s, referred to as "Padle-A-Miow" movies. These humorous dramas were filmed in and around various du Pont estates in Delaware along the Brandywine and often featured airplanes, automobiles, and boats. Other films are home movies of the following subjects: du Pont family homes including Windmar, Louviers, and Xanadu, the du Pont home in Cuba; trips to Mt. Rainier and Glacier Park; H.B. du Pont's airplane; and other miscellaneous subjects.
Miscellaneous items in the collection include the following: four large color posters from World War I France with patriotic images; a hand-drawn map of the Greenville-Montchanin-Rockland area; a New Year's Eve booklet with a reproduction of the painting "Skating at Breck's Mill," by artist Richard Layton on the cover, circa 1964, and a note card with the same painting; a copy of a booklet entitled "To commemorate a dinner given to Col. Henry A. du Pont, November 10, 1915"; a reprint of that booklet, which was distributed as a New Year's gift by W.W. Laird in 1973; a booklet entitled "Du Pont de Nemours 1800-1950," printed in 1949 as a souvenir picture book for the one-hundred fiftieth anniversary of the du Pont family; and a portfolio entitled "The Brandywine: as sketched by the artist 1870, as snapped by the camera 1937." The portfolio contains images of local Wilmington area sites near the Brandywine River, including the Market Street Bridge and Lea's Mill; Ridele's Bank Mills; New Bridge; Rokeby, Breck's Mill and Hodgson's Mill; Upper dam, Du Pont powder mills; and the paper mills, Rockland.
A group of motion picture equipment, including a movie camera, editing equipment, and a motion picture projector, accompanies this collection. Other miscellany relating to the "Padle-A-Miow" movies, such as artwork, captions, correspondence, and audiotape recordings (which were played during more recent showings of the films), are also with the collection. There are also five copies of Fortune magazine from the 1930s, one of which contains an article on the Du Pont Company.
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